Sunday, September 07, 2008


Now that summer is over and the kids are back in school, our lives have gotten busy again. We're up at the crack of dawn every morning, Daughter headed off to one school, Little Son to another (and I have to drive them both), Hubby to work, and some days me too. There's groceries to be bought, dry-cleaning to be picked up, bills to be paid, and laundry to be done. There's play rehearsals and band practice and homework. Dinner and baths and - finally! - bedtime. Just to get up and do it all over again the next day. So it's no wonder that I tend to lose sight of some of the more important things in my life - the things that matter the most.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

God has a plan for all of us. As a parent I know that means He has a plan for my children. I don't know exactly what that plan is, but I do know that it's my responsibility as a parent to have a vision for them. Hubby and I are the greatest influence on our children - but we're up against a lot of things: media, pop culture, peer pressure, to name a few. But we know the kind of people we want our children to grow up to be. We know that we want them to love God with all their hearts. We want them to genuinely love others. We want them to deeply love and respect their immediate family. We want them to receive their self-esteem from Jesus Christ. We want them to develop their God-given skills and talents and be productive members of society. And we want them to be difference-makers for God. These are the things we want to instill in them. These are our goals for their lives. And if this is our vision for them, then I feel certain that it is in line with God's vision for them as well.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. -Proverbs 22:6

After church today I was thinking back on our week and how busy it was - for a "short week" it sure seemed like a long one to me! And I thought about how much time we spend in the urgency of day-to-day things, like school and work and schedules and routines, and how much time we spend pursuing our vision for our children. And I have to admit, I was a little bit ashamed. Not that I think we're doing a horrible job - in fact, I think our children exhibit a lot of the traits we wish for them. But I think maybe we need to do more. Instead of worrying so much about what they "have", maybe we need to focus more on what they will "become". Some days my only goal is to just get thru the day. But if that is my only goal every day, then I'm not getting very far. I'm just doing life.....daily. I need to keep that vision for my children as my focus, because that is my God-given responsibility as a parent. It needs to be my focus every day, because my children are a gift from God. I don't want to mess them up.

Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from him. - Psalm 127:3

What about you? Do you have a vision for your children? What do you want them to become? Leave me a comment and let me know how you keep that vision when life is throwing everything at you. Because sometimes? It's hard.


D... said...

Amen, Sister. It IS hard sometimes with our American lifestyle. Hurry and wait, rush, rush, rush.

My vision is the same as yours. You do do a good job. They are involved in things that interest THEM not YOU. They are involved in church. Ya'll do family things. Because of all those things, ya'll are a close-knot family who loves God and knows that Jesus is our salvation.

During the week, we don't automatically turn the tv on. We spend time talking about the good things about our day AND the bad things. We just try to have a moment to chill and "stop time" before the bustle of preparing for the next day begins. It doesn't always work but we do try. And Bear is more talkative than Lamb.

Like you said, we are the biggest influence on their lives. I try to live my life to live up to that. Again, it doesn't always work because I'm human but I'm also willing to admit I'm wrong to them.

Perfect plan to carry out my vision for them? No. There are many areas I could improve on.

D... said...

P.S. And knowing them like I do, I really do think their lives will follow the vision God has for them. I really do.

Stacey said...

This is so insightful, B/S, thanks for posting this....and I believe you are one amazing mother. God gave your children the right mother for them.

While things are better here, I have decided to have no vision. I can't, lol, I'm just trying to get through the day! xoxoxo


Wow, this is exactly how I feel about raising my children! I believe wholeheartedly that my home is my mission field. I work hard to teach my children right from wrong and to do what they know is right, not what someone else is doing. We are active in church. I encourage them to be the best that they can be, but I don't expect more from them than they can do. They are involved in sports and music and I give them the support necessary for them to feel successful (even if they aren't). As long as they grow up into responsible adults with a passion for God, then I will have done my job.


Oh, one more thing - whenever I feel like ripping my hair out because of all the craziness of life, I think back to when I left work to be a stay-at-home mom. I think about my first week home and how stress-free it was compared to working. Then I remember that God knew what He was doing then and that I am where He wants me. That always brings my focus back to where it should be.

We are THAT Family said...

Wow. That was awesome. I couldn't agree more!

jennyonthespot said...

I wonder if the beginning of the school year brings us to analyze what's going on. I have been doing a lot of soul-searching too.

I love what you wrote... I think you have an unseen advantage - faith and intent. I love reading these post where mothers struggle with developing the important things in their children...

Your faith is a protection from the out-world for your children... and the fact that you are intentional is HUGE. So many parents kind-of wander - help with homework, drive to activities, kiss their kids at night. BUT... we know THAT is not really the important stuff... You and I know there is more we are called to do as parents, and it is so heartwarming to read that the desires of your heart for your children reach far beyond the surface of life.

I'm all choked up here... I also have a vision for my children. I just pray it lines up with what God wants for them. And when life is throwing everything at me... I'm afraid I lose sight of that vision. Thanks for the reminder that it is so important to keep that vision in sight :)

Golly... it IS hard!