Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Haiku: Spectacle

This is for the "spectacle" prompt at One Single Impression this week - be sure to stop by there to see all the wonderful poetry!

Star light, star so bright,

A spectacle of Wishes,

Fire light in the sky.


Patois said...

Knowing your love of Disney, I know this just oozed out of you, so joyously! Love the last line in particular.

D... said...

Ooooh, ahhhhh! I'm talking about the 'ku but it works for the fire light in the sky as well.

SandyCarlson said...

I sure do like that! Thanks for the joy.

susan said...

beautiful image. Must confess though I really got a good chuckle out of your Chuck Norris post.

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Hello! What a great poem and a beautiful picture! We've started talking about when we want to take the kids to Disney. Our youngest will be four this year and that's probably a good age to go I would imagine! By the way, your labor day weekend sounded like a lot of fun. Who knew you could build your own oven and make a pizza?
Take care,

kris said...

go take a peek at my blog, you won something familiar!! LOL!