Saturday, September 06, 2008

Is it moose mating season?

The funniest sound in the world? A 6th grader learning to play the trombone.

He's in love with it. He wants to practice. All. The. Time. I'm so proud of him.

Now, what did I do with those earplugs?


D... said...

Ah, how I remember those days! With the violin, not the trombone. I bet he's great at it! And I'm so happy that he loves it. It looks almost as big as he is!

Bubba's Mom said...

Yay Collin!! I was so impressed with his demonstration yesterday as he expertly assembled his beautiful, shiny trombone and gave forth with one BIG note. The fact that it sounded like a big moose fart is immaterial - he was delighted. And so are we. We may see him out on the football field marching in a nutcracker uniform after all!

Stacey said...

LOLLOL Bubba's Mom cracked me up!!! What a treasure she is, B/S.

He looks fantastic with the giant trombone, I'm thinking a video is in store soon, right? I have earpugs, come up and get some. We've got a garage band behind us, they STILL don't get that they can practice without amplifiers cranked.

I think the response to birdcage hottie has been funnier than the photo--bird ate her pants! Lovely, BS. Now we should fear the bird that done got lose from it's cage. But hey, it is winter, maybe he's migrating down south to idk....TEXAS! muahahahahahah xoxo

kris said...

I have some you can borrow, but I'll need em back when my DS gets to that stage!! LOL! cute!


Now, what's worse than a 6th grader learning the trombone? A 6th grader learning the French horn! I'm a French horn player, and I remember annoying my parents with it. I used to practice 1 1/2 hours a day! Hey, I annoy my kids now when I practice, and I'm good now!

I remember that I had a friend who was nicknamed "Moose" because that's what he sounded like when he played. The nickname stuck for good even though he quickly gave it up.

Earplugs are a good coping strategy. You could also banish him to the garage. There's a reason they are called "garage bands" and not "living room bands"!

forgetfulone said...

I think a 6th grader learning to play a clarinet while another 6th grader is learning to play the trumpet is pretty good competition to your sound! My daughter is sticking with clarinet this year, but my son decided (after one year) that he didn't really like trumpet after all). I hope your son sticks with it. And believe it or not, it won't be long till he's making good sounds!

Misty Dawn said...

I played the clarinet... I can imagine the torture I instilled on my grandparents when I was first learning hehe

Patois said...

My 6th grader has opted for the trumpet, having "learned" the clarinet last year. And he already plays guitar. So now this marks the third instrument I've had to listen to someone learn to play. And there are two more kids right behind him!