Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dance Fever!

I LOVE THIS SHOW!! I was so excited to watch the premiere of Season 7 last night with Daughter and Bubba's Mom - and can I just say that I TOTALLY want to be on this show! Not like, oh wow that would be fun, but like I REALLY want to do it! But being that I'm not a star, I don't see that happening. Now if they come up with a "Dancing With the Average Joe's" I am all over that. I'll be first in line at the auditions!

Thirteen couples began this season's competition last night, dancing either the Cha-Cha or the Foxtrot. My early favorites are Cody Linley of Disney Channel fame (partnered with my very favorite Julianne Hough, who I want to be when I grow up), and Lance Bass, former N'Sync member (who is partnered with Lacey Schwimmer, of So You Think You Can Dance fame). At the bottom of my ratings? Susan Lucci (who looks dreadful, by the way) and comedian Jeff Ross. Once couple will be eliminated tonight, and the remaining 12 will dance again. Then tomorrow another couple is eliminated, leaving 11 going into next week's regular programming.

I'm seriously considering taking ballroom dancing lessons. Think I could get Maks as my partner?


D... said...

I will probably be your BFF forever and ever since I'm the one who said you HAD to watch the show.

cjh said...

You'd have to fight me for Maks. :o) I missed it due to TV technical difficulties. So sad.

Katie Lady said...

Ah, DWTS. You are Bubba's Mom (I almost abbreviated that to BM, but thought better of it) are in hog-heaven!

forgetfulone said...

I adore Susan Lucci (as an actress), but she's gotta be getting up there in age seeing as how she's at least 10 years, maybe 15 years, older than I am. I just looked it up. She's almost 20 years older than I am! 62, to be exact. Kelly Monoco, a young thing, said she had trouble with the physical difficulty of it all.

Glad you enjoyed it!

jennyonthespot said...

I LOVE this show. Love. Make me want to do the Lindy Hop!

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Hey there!

Love the look of the blog! By the way, let me just say, I love the Amazing Race! I know, I know, you were writing about Dancing with The stars, but when I went to write a comment I saw the Amazing Race picture and just had to comment!

My kids like Cody on Hannah Montana. I missed the show last night and tonight. The only show I let the world stop for is LOST.

Take care,