Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ten Nicest Things People Have Done For Me

First of all, let me say that I could make my entire Ten on Tuesday list this week about my parents, because they have done so much for me over the years. A lot of you would say, "Well, that's just what parents do, right?" Well, sometimes mine go above and beyond. So I've included a few examples in this list of The Ten Nicest Things People Have Done For Me:
  1. When I finally found the courage to leave my abusive, alcoholic ex-husband, my parents took me (and my dog!) back in and never said, "I told you so." They totally could have.
  2. When I was pregnant with Little Son, I went into pre-term labor at 32 weeks. They put me in the hospital where I stayed until he was born at 35 weeks. The first day I went in they started me on magnesium sulfate, which caused me to be very, very sick. My mother sat with me for hours in a dim room with no windows or TV while I went back and forth between barfing and sleeping. Every time I needed her she was right there. I'll never forget that.
  3. A few years ago I had a hysterectomy, and the morning after was brutal. When they got me up for the first time I was sooooo sick - the nurse held my head with a cold washrag while I barfed. Her job? Yes. But I was soooooo glad she was there, and she was sooooo kind to me. How many people have held your head while you barfed?
  4. I just so happened to have that hysterectomy a week or so before Thanksgiving, when literally everyone I knew was going out of town (including my parents!). I felt lonely and depressed, but USO Girl went out of her way during her holiday travel preparations to come to my house and bring me homemade cookies and Clay Aiken's Christmas CD. I cried.
  5. One time my car ran out of gas - shame on me. I was in the middle of the street with a 4-year-old and a baby in the car. Some guys in a Miller Lite truck pulled over and pushed my car to the gas station for me. Darling Daughter loved telling everyone how the "Beer Guys" saved us!
  6. When Hubby broke his leg last year a lot of bad things ensued. First of all, he did not have health insurance (he was, as luck would have it, switching from one policy to another and there was a lapse - great timing, huh?). He needed surgery. The wonderful doctor, who is also a member of our church, did his surgery at no charge to us. He is a kind and generous man.
  7. Altho the doctor did not charge for his services, the hospital and anesthesiologist did. Our wonderful group of church friends came together and paid the surgery off for us, IN FULL. I have never been so overwhelmed by love and kindness in my life.
  8. While Hubby was laid up with the broken leg, various friends brought us food, ran our errands, mowed our lawn, and paid our bills. They were truly God-sent.
  9. During the ordeal with Hubby's leg, it was also discovered that he had DANGEROUSLY high blood pressure. His boss arranged for him to see his cardiologist and have a whole battery of tests run - all paid for by Hubby's boss. Thankfully Hubby's BP is under control now.
  10. The cardiologist that Hubby saw was located on the 17th floor of a building in the Texas Medical Center. Knowing my intense fear of elevators, USO Girl went with us to the doctor's office, took Hubby up in a wheelchair, then came back down to walk all 17 flights of stairs with me. I love her more than you will ever know.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope someone does something nice for you today!


Anonymous said...

Awww,sniff! It's late you are going to make me cry!! I never thought twice about doing any of that for you.

It would appear that Beer Truck drivers are really Prince Charmings in disguise.

Katie Lady said...

Great list!

pjd said...

I'm really enjoying this Tuesday. It's a great reminder that amid all the bad news in the world, small kindnesses like these happen all the time, and people are generally good and kind at their essence. Happy Tuesday!

cjh said...

Yea for the list! It really is a good topic this week (even though I'm a bit late due to technical difficulties...).

Patois said...

Talk about making people cry at the generosity of spirit and friendship! Great list.

Stacey said...

Dear B/S--that is about the most compelling thing I've read in a long time! I am head over heels in love with D....is she the best friend EVER or what?!

I did my hysterectomy the week before Thanksgiving last year! Seriously! Oh my gosh that was pain I never need to know again. However, for me, it meant I didn't have to host the family gathering, so hooray! Christmas either, I was still recovering! So hooray!

Great list, and I am quite sure you are worthy of all those gifts you have been given by your friends and family because you would do it for them in a heartbeat! xoxo

(third try...hate your word verification--I am a wv moron!)

StaceyG said...

USO Girl totally rocks! What a sweet list...

Library Girl said...

What amazing people you have in your life. You are so blessed. A great list!

Skittles said...

You have been truly blessed. Wonderful post!

(I hope you don't mind, but I put you in my links as Bubba's Sis. :)

AMPlifier said...

You are very lucky to have so many loving and generous people in your life. Thanks for sharing.