Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tagged from A to Z!

I've been tagged by Jolene for this one:

A- Attached or Single? Attached for the last 15 years!

B- Best Friend: USO Girl!

C- Cake or Pie: Yes, please.

D- Drink of Choice: Ginger Ale or Tea

E- Essential Item: my calendar

F- Favourite Color: blue

G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Neither - yuk - both are like eating rubber.

H- Hometown: Clear Lake City, Texas (suburb of Houston)

I- Indulgence: chocolates (I keep them hidden, too, Jolene!)

J- January or February: February, because it's almost spring!

K- Kids: One in the Navy and two at home - a 13-year-old daughter and a 10-year old son; they are awesome.

L- Life is incomplete without: Family and friends

M- Marriage Date: November 25, 1992

N- Number of Siblings: Just one - Bubba

O- Oranges or Apples? Apples, especially if they are cooked in a pie or cobbler or something!

P- Phobia: elevators

Q- Favourite Quote: "I'll think about that tomorrow..."

R- Reasons to smile: babies, puppies, fresh-baked muffins, not having to get up early

S- Season: Spring!

T- Tag Three: USO Girl, Skittles, Bubba's Mom

U- Unknown Fact About Me: I am a certified paralegal. After completing my certification I discovered I hated working for lawyers.

V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? I like meat AND vegetables!

W- Worst Habit: worrying

X- X-rays or Ultrasounds? I've had both, many times.

Y- Your Favorite Foods: Mexican, Italian, and seafood

Z- Zodiac: Libra


D... said...

Fun! I'll let you know when I've got mine posted. And, I agree with you on G. Yuk indeed! Actually, I agree with you on several. You'll see which ones soon. ;)

Misty Dawn said...

I had to laugh when I read that you are paralegal certified but discovered you hate working for lawyers. I have been a legal office manager for over 10 years. My husband thinks that since I've been in a legal office for so long, it would only make sense for me to go to school to become a lawyer. NO WAY - I keep telling him - I DO NOT want to be a lawyer - he just can't understand that.

I also can completely relate to your worrying. My husband tells me that if I didn't have anything to worry about, I wouldn't be able to survive.

Stacey said...

Hey fellow Libra chic! I'm quite entertained by your list---and I need to come up with something to say here...hmmm...hmmm....I'll think about it tomorrow, kk? xoxo

Jolene said...

Gotta love that chocolate.

I really hate elevators too. They play into my claustrophobia big time. Stairs for me.

I have worked for over a dozen lawyers. Only two were not buttwipes.

crazy working mom said... we know so much more about you. :)

Skittles said...

You rotten thing! LOL!!! I'm Libra, too :) Oct. 12.

I'll get on this tomorrow!