Friday, July 06, 2007

Postcard from Camp

Hi, Mom! We're having a great time at Camp Nana! Yesterday Nana took us to see Ratatoullie and it was really good! We think it would be really cool to be a chef. Today Granddaddy took us to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and we got to see the exhibit on Imperial Rome, which was really really interesting. And we saw the dinosaurs and a bunch of other neat stuff. Tonight we are having popcorn and watching some movies Nana rented for us. Tomorrow morning we're going out to breakfast!

We miss you! See you Sunday!


Your Kids


Anonymous said...

Dear Kids,

We miss you!! Can't wait til you come home and tell us all about your Camp Nana adventures in person. We hope to see Ratatouille soon ourselves.


The USO Kids

Stacey said...

Oh that's sweet-the B/S and the USO kids miss each other! They'll have such good memories for always.

I know it's been horrible living in TX this year, I'm so sorry. We've gotten quite a lot of rain, but not like you guys. I happen to have a h/s ex who lives in Georgetown, sold his house and bought a boat to live on until he can move back to MO. I giggle a little when I think how 'active' his little boat must be ALL DAY long! (hey, he should've been nicer!)

Skittles said...

Nana must have paid them to write about wanting to come home LOL!

crazy working mom said...

So so sweet! We might go see the movie this weekend.