Saturday, August 16, 2008

What was I thinking??

It was a stormy, rainy Saturday morning here in H-Town - perfect for sleeping in, which I did. But once we got up and around, Hubby and the kids wanted to get out of the house. They wanted to go shopping for shoes for back-to-school.

"OH NO!" I said. "We are NOT going anywhere near the stores today! It's Tax-Free Weekend!"

But their pitiful faces and complaints of being cooped up in the house all week wore me down. So out we went.

Big mistake.

The traffic and stores were absolutely horrible. You could barely move in most of the stores, and it looked like a tornado had blown right thru them by mid-day.

All this craziness to save 8%. That's $8 for every $100 you spend, folks. Just not worth it to me. Hubby's argument is that the stores offer great sales in conjuction with Tax-Free Weekend, but that's still not enough to entice me. I hate crowds. Today was no exception, and by late afternoon I was a nervous wreck. Tonight I feel like I've been thru the ringer - my legs and ankles hurt, my head is pounding, and I am EXHAUSTED! And what was the reward for all this? Daughter and Little Son each got a pair of shoes. Whoopee.

Add this to my list of "Never Again" experiences. Not. Worth. It.


D... said...

What were you thinking?! You should have sent them out by themselves! Silly woman!

We went out last night around 8:00. We just went to Kohl's on Fairmont & pretty much had the place to ourselves. I could see the destruction from earlier in the day tho. And, yes, I bought the too big Chuck Norris tee for Bear.

Still need to buy shoes for the pair but that will wait until another payday. Who needs to pay bills when there are shoes to buy? ;)

kris said...

no, repeat after me, NOOOOOOOO....
why risk life and limb for not much... it's not worth it to me either... I'm going out Monday!

forgetfulone said...

I did go to Kohl's today because I needed a new bra. I went to the one over on Fairmont, and it wasn't too crowded. I'm so glad I didn't try to take the kids to get their school clothes over this weekend. We did buy two pairs of shoes yesterday, but that is all. It's worse than Christmas at most stores on tax free weekend, and to save a measly 8 %. I bought a few things on sale and used my Kohl's card for an extra 15% off, so I guess I did okay, but I try to make it a point NOT to shop on tax free weekend!

Anonymous said...

We don't have the Tax-Free weekend here in Cali, but I never do the Black Friday sales. Too much hassle!

Katie Lady said...

I went Friday during the day for diapers (they're tax-free too) and a few things for the munchkin, and I ended up saving over $25. It's WORTH it for the diapers, but there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to go on Saturday. You are a nut for doing it!