Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Keeping Things Safe - WWMD?

I'm certain that security is tight around Martha's place. Well, I was thinking of her house, not her jail cell, but I guess both apply, don't they? Ha ha! Anyway, we take security here at the Bubba's Sis House seriously, too. Which is why we have this:

The big, white, metal safe. If you were to take a peek inside, you would find all the family's socks and underwear. Yep, that's where we keep 'em! Why put them away neatly in drawers when you can keep them in here? That way if, say, some thief were to break in and rifle thru my panty drawer, all he would find would be a few old, stretched-out pairs of panties and all my kids' baby teeth in envelopes. Because I keep the GOOD panties in the big, white, metal safe. There's not a lot of socks in there right now because, well, it's summer, and who wears socks in the summer? But come fall you can bet we'll be keeping the socks in there, too. Because it's not only a good thing, it's a safe thing.

If you want to participate in WWMD? please do! We'd all love to come see a pic of your hillbillity! Be sure to leave me a link here, and also over at OK, Where Was I?, because it was Sarah who came up with this brilliant idea.

Party on.


Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I try to keep things in a safe similar to that but Cookie keeps throwing them on the couch. We used to have a basket for this but became so overfilled they started falling onto the couch that we got rid of the basket too.

Love the security comment....LOL

Kim said...

This is just to funny! I personally thought that was what my basket was for. I get them out of the dryer, into the basket, fold them, back into the basket and then we get them out from there. They don't end up in the drawers.

D... said...

Oh yeah, drawers are only for outdated, outsized, long forgotten items. You never know what you'll find in mine!

Ok, Where Was I? said...

I never thought of this--actually inside the machine. I've done on top, of course, but not inside. Brilliant!

Bubba's Mom said...

I too have a white metal safe for underwear, etc. which comes in handy on those cooler mornings when you can just push the button, give them a little toss, and you have toasty, warm undies. Brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love that you have "good panties!"