Friday, August 29, 2008

Running Away From Home. Again.

I'm headed back to the same place, but this time I'm bringing the family! Instead of a Summer Camp for Moms, it's a Labor Day Family Camp, and we are looking forward to it, let me tell you. We're going to do some horseback riding (I'm hoping to ride Chuck Norris' horse again!), canoeing, fishing, and swimming. One evening there's a luau complete with hula and fire dancers! The kids want to do some archery and maybe some rock climbing - and there's a scavenger hunt just for the kids one night, while the adults have their own evening entertainment. Wait, that sounds weird. Not THAT kind of adult entertainment! What kind of people do you think we are, anyway?

So have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone! See ya'll in September!


Musings of the Merry Midshipman said...

Hey mom,

Sign me up! Sounds like fun....lil confused, is there adult entertainment or not?


Patois said...

Even without that kind of adult entertainment, it sounds like a great time. Have fun!

forgetfulone said...

That sounds like so much fun, and it's great that you can do this with the family. See ya in September!

Misty Dawn said...

Sounds like an absolute blast! Can't wait to hear about it (and see pics).

i beati said...

Good for you where I want to go there ha sandy