Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who's going home?

It's an evening of oustings tonight, as American Idol sends two guys and two girls home, and another Survivor will be voted off the island. Who's it going to be? Here's who I'm hoping:

American Idol Guys

There are five guys in my Favorite List right now (D's, too - we call them the Fab Five). So as long as they are safe, I'll be fine. In my opinion, the two who should go home are Danny Noriega and Colton Berry. Ironically, they both performed Elvis songs, and I LOVE Elvis, but I hated them. Not so crazy about Chikezie, either. I won't cry if he leaves.

American Idol Girls

I like a lot of the girls this season, even a couple that got bad reviews from the judges last night. If I had to pick two to go home I'd pick Amy Davis and Joanne Borgella. They just didn't "have it" last night. I hope Houston Girl Kady Malloy gets to stick around - personally, I liked her performance last night, even tho the judges didn't, and I hope she gets another chance to prove herself.


Of course we don't know which tribe - Fans or Favorites - will go to Tribal Council tonight, but I can say that I can't. stand. Eliza. PLEASE send her home, people! I haven't gotten to "know" too many of the Fans yet, so I have no real opinion there.

So what do you think? Who do you like? Dislike? Who would you like to see go home? Let's dish!


Stacey said...

Let's dish? Did I just step back into 1954? ;)

Now that Luke the Duke is gone, so am I. We can still be friends, though, right? xoxo

D... said...

Stacey, Luke isn't gone. And you fussed at us for not having enough faith. ;)

You know I agree with you, Bubba's Sis, and all the vote off choices.

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

On some of those it was too painful to hear them even sing their "goodbye" song...Oiy!