Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hollywood Week

The brutal Hollywood Week on American Idol has finally arrived (altho we are watching it taped from a couple of months ago). This is where the men are separated from the boys, so to speak. Tonight the field of 167 was whittled down to 50. There were lots of tears, lots of drama. A few of the ones from my list are already gone: single dad Perrie Cataldo, young cheerleader Amy Flynn, Angelica Puente, and beauty queen Brooke Helvie (altho I'm wondering why I put Brooke on my list to begin with because she's about annoying!).

**SPOILER ALERT - Do not click on the link below if you don't want to know who makes the Top 24**

Someone has leaked the Top 24 - and if that list is really true (which it may or not be), then only 4 of the guys I picked will make the Top 12 Guys, but 9 of the girls I picked will be in the Top 12 Girls. We shall see tonight!

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