Tuesday, February 05, 2008

American Idol in Atlanta - Last Audition City!

I wasn't even going to bother blogging about tonight's American Idol auditions, because frankly, I'm tired of them. But there were a few that made my list that I'm interested in seeing how they do in Hollywood, so I decided to mention them here...
  • Asia'h Epperson, whose dad died in a car crash while she was on her way to the auditions; she had a nice voice, but I think she made it thru on sympathy;
  • Brooke Helvie, Miss South Florida Fair who seemed a little ditzy but proved that pageant girls CAN sing;
  • Amanda Overmyer, the rocker chick;
  • Josiah Leming, the 18-year-old who lives in his CAR; I hope he really has a shot at the Top 24 because his voice was good and he kinda needs some better living conditions.

Tomorrow is the last night of the auditions - titled "The Best of the Rest". I'm not sure if that means we'll see some genuinely good singers or the "best" of the goofballs. I'm hoping for the former; then I can finish my list of contestants to follow and move on to Hollywood Week!

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