Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Night to Shine

The budding actresses - Daughter and her BFF - have another production under their belts - their 8th grade class' production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night for UIL One-Act Play Competition. The competition was Saturday, but they did a performance for their adoring public tonight - Daughter had the role of Olivia. (BFF had the part of Feste, but performed with a different cast during the day.) Both girls were fantastic in their performances! D and I couldn't be prouder. One day it will be the two of them walking the red carpet at the Oscars in glamorous dresses with paparazzi flashing pictures. Just you wait and see.


D... said...

It certainly will be them one day! And they will always be on the Best Dressed list. ;)

Could.Not.Be.Prouder. of our girls!

Misty Dawn said...

I can't wait to say "I knew of them when they were young" when they are famous - which they more certainly will be!