Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ten Favorite Restaurants for Bubba's Sis' and D's Ladies' Night Out

This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is Ten Things You Hate About Politics. Since neither D nor I care two hoots about politics (sorry, Stacey!), we did our own Ten on Tuesday list this week. And quite frankly, it's fabulous. We had a wild adventure making this list for ya'll, complete with pictures and silly stories (see D's blog for the pics - you'll find the stories here). So, without further ado, I present to you: Ten Favorite Restaurants for Bubba's Sis' and D's Ladies' Night Out:
  1. Applebee's - Stop One of our wild adventure; we ate dinner here last Friday night. We're kinda mad at Applebee's because they used to have a fabulous apple pie skillet for dessert and they TOOK IT OFF THE MENU. How can a restaurant with the name APPLE in it not have APPLE PIE for dessert? But we got over it. We split the new 3-course meal they are offering right now - fried cheesesticks for our appetizer, baby-back ribs with cole slaw and french fries for our entree, and a mini key lime pie in a shot glass for dessert. It wasn't apple pie, but it was tasty. As we were leaving we noticed we were the youngest people in there, except for the wait staff. Maybe it was Seniors' Night. If so, we'll definitely be going there in our Golden Years, right D?
  2. Texas Roadhouse - our favorite steak place! Of course, we didn't go in and eat a steak since we had just had the three-course meal at Applebee's, but we did pull into the parking lot to pose for our picture. And I can tell you, all those people waiting outside were sure wondering what we crazy ladies were up to. Now you should take notice that all the pics are self-taken, meaning we held the camera out as far as we could and smiled (my arms are longer, so I did the honors). D's fabulous camera has a flip-out view screen that also flips around backwards for just such self-portraits. So we're posing for our picture, trying to look glamourous and also get the sign in the background, and we notice in the viewfinder.....the sign is BACKWARDS! Like mirror-image backwards! What the?? So what do we both do? TURN AROUND AND LOOK AT IT. Like it might really be backwards up there on the building. D'oh! Turns out that's just what D's camera does to the image when it's flipped out and around. Heh heh. Laughing hysterically, we get back into my van.
  3. Denny's - this one's on the list because we love to eat brunch there in the summertime, but we do occasionally have a late-night breakfast there as well. It's right down the freeway from the Roadhouse, and conveniently right next to the mall, so after snapping our pic (in which I look way too excited) we decided we better run into the Bath & Body Works real quick. While D was making a purchase, I perused the various samples sitting on the counter. I picked up a small bottle of lotion labeled "Sensual" - oh, D - you gotta try this! I squeezed some into her hands and she rubbed it all in; then the lady behind us says, "You just stole my lotion!" I was floored - she had set her purchase on the counter and I just picked it up and started using it!!! I must have turned 10 shades of red, and apologized all over the place. Fortunately, she was very nice about it. I found her another bottle, and D and I made our hasty escape, laughing so hard that we were close to peeing in our pants. But dang, D sure did smell sensual for the whole rest of the night.
  4. Luby's - great cafeteria food, and you can get as much or as little as you want! Our Luby's is in the mall (also terribly convenient for a dinner/shopping night), so we snapped our pic on the way out. As you can see, we were crossing over into Wild Silliness after the lotion incident.
  5. Bennigan's - a great pub restaurant for when we're feeling a wee bit Irish. Or when we want potato soup or potato skins. Or when we just feel like going there. While we took our picture there was a couple lurking behind the dumpster. I don't want to know what they were doing. Maybe they got their hands on someone's Sensual lotion, too.
  6. Cracker Barrel - D and I LOVE Cracker Barrel for good home-cookin'-style food, but both our hubbies hate it, so we only get to go there on Ladies' Night Out. We're pretty wild and crazy girls, aren't we? We also like the store. I always have to buy the fruit slice candy. While we were taking the pic, which was getting kinda silly because we couldn't get the sign behind us just right, a little old man drove by veeeeeery sloooooowly in his pickup truck, just looking at us like we were nuts. Either that our he smelled D's sensual self. We really wanted to drag some of those rockers off the porch and sit in them in the parking lot for the pic, but we figured we better not push our luck, lest they think we were stealing them. And since we just stole lotion, we were trying to lay low.
  7. Cheddar's - our favorite of favorites. THE place to go for apple pie. So we did! That three-course meal was long gone, so we popped in and sat at the bar for some iced tea (Diet Coke for D) and apple pie. Yum. It was really crowded in there, and for a while D and I had to share a barstool. We each put one butt-cheek on it. We're close like that. The bartender was quite cute - we tried flirting with him a bit, but after I told him that he wasn't making a margarita right, he chose to ignore us. Humph! The pie was scrumptious tho, and just what we needed to re-fuel.
  8. Chili's - we love the Southwestern Eggrolls here! In fact, we even have a waiter that remembers us every time we come in. (Hmmm...is that kinda scary?) This is where the night got out of control, tho. We were on the side of the Chili's, on a patch of grass, to take the picture. We decided to try some different faces, since we were looking the same in all of them. So we decided to wink. And this is what we got:

    One look at that in the viewfinder and we lost it completely. I look like I'm drunk, and D looks like Popeye the Sailor Man! And check out her soul patch - that's my hair curling up in front of her chin. We were literally rolling on the grass laughing. We just knew someone was going to call the police and report drunk and disorderly conduct on us, so we hurridly took a normal pic and got outta there. We laughed so hard we really did pee in our pants just a little. Good grief, we've each birthed two babies. You'd pee in your pants, too. Time to call it a night.
  9. Gringo's - the BEST Mexican food place around (and believe me, there are a LOT of 'em!). We ate here Monday night before Ninth Grade Information Night at the high school (Daughter and Lamb will be in high school next year - eek!). This place is always crowded, so we got there early. Dinner was delicious - we stuffed ourselves on burritos, tamales, barracho beans, and guacamole. They have free soft-serve ice cream for dessert, so the kiddos (yes, we had all four of them with us) got cones. Bear made his extra long and tall - and its shape and the way it leaned over made it look.....well.....phallic. D and I had to stifle our giggles. We'll never look at ice cream the same way again.
  10. Charleston Tea Room - a local tea room that has the BEST baked potato soup. They also have delicious pumpkin bread. It's definitely a girlie place. No men and no kids allowed. OK, I made that part up, but it should be a rule. No silly stories for this one, but we sure got some looks while taking our picture. Doesn't everybody take their own picture in front of restaurant windows? Geez, people. Move along! You want a show? You should have been at Chili's Friday night.


D... said...

I crack up all over again just reading this!

What a fabulous night we had! Who knew just going around shooting pics of ourselves could be so much fun?!

coastie bro said...

u2 r crazy

Jerri said...

You have to find a P.F. Chang's girl! Nothing will ever compare to that, nothing!

Bubba's Sis said...

Jerri, we HAVE a P.F. Chang's - but it's up in Houston, about 30-45 minutes away. So we don't get up there a whole lot, but I agree - it's delicious!!!

Stacey said...

WHY aren't you two fat? You need to be fat, I seriously am concerned about this. But not quite as much as the apathetic views you and D are sportin. We'll talk about that later, too--hopefully you'll still have a Texas to talk about it in!

That photo is above all my favorite. I'm thinking of snagging all your photos, yours and Ds and throwing them into a scrap collage for you. I'll see if it works and send it to you both. xoxoxoxo

PS--I'm a wee bit uncomfortable about Gringos now. Thanks a lot!

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

HA! This was a great list! We're going to the Texas Roadhouse tomorrow for my brother's B-day.

Off to see the pics at D's...

cjh said...

I love the lotion incident. :o) And OMG re: Daughter in high school. That means it's been a LONG time since I was in college since I remember Bubba letting us know she was born. Sheesh.

Bubba's Sis said...

Well, not THAT long, chj. Daughter was born when Bubba was in high school, Little Son was born when he was at A&M. But only 3 years later - Little Son is going into junior high next year!!

Misty Dawn said...

I'll be back to read these... I've gotta get some sleep right now.

Misty Dawn said...

OK - I got a few hours sleep and came back to read this. You two are absolutely hilarious! A friendship like yours is one in a million - treasure it (but I already know you both do).

You did awesome at typing these stories - I was cracking up laughing.

Now, I've got to go figure out what to do with a dog who has been sprayed by a skunk... PPEEEEE UUUUUU

forgetfulone said...

Where is the Charleston tea room? I gotta go there. Since you wrote this, Bennigan's has closed. Darn. I kinda liked that place. I love Roadhouse and Cracker Barrel.