Thursday, February 07, 2008

On to Hollywood!

Finally - FINALLY! - American Idol auditions are over and next week is Hollywood Week, where the field will be narrowed down to 24 (12 guys, 12 girls). I've watched all the auditions and have been taking notes, and here is MY Top 24 List:

The Guys
  1. Jonathan Baines (Philadelphia audition)
  2. Kyle Ensley (Dallas audition)
  3. Colton Swan (Dallas audition)
  4. Drew Poppelreiter (Dallas audition)
  5. Perrie Cataldo (San Diego audition)
  6. Michael Johns (San Diego audition)
  7. David Archuleta (San Diego audition)
  8. Jason Rich (Omaha audition)
  9. David Cook (Omaha audition)
  10. Leo Marlowe (Omaha audition)
  11. Robbie Carraco (Miami audition)
  12. Josiah Leming (Atlanta audition)

The Girls

  1. Kristy Lee Cook (Philadelphia audition)
  2. Brooke White (Philadelphia audition)
  3. Jessica Brown (Dallas audition)
  4. Alaina Whitaker (Dallas audition)
  5. Kady Malloy (Dallas audition) *She's from Houston!
  6. Samanta Musa (San Diego audition)
  7. Carly Smithson (San Diego audition)
  8. Amy Flynn (Charleston audition)
  9. London Weidburg (Charleston audition)
  10. Angelica Puente (Omaha audition)
  11. Asia'h Epperson (Atlanta audition)
  12. Brooke Helvie (Atlanta audition)
  13. Amanda Overmyer (Atlanta audition)
  14. Amy Davis
  15. Cardin Lee McKinney
  16. JoAnn Borgella

What's that you say? That's more than 12 girls? You're right - I actually had 13, and added the last 3 after last night's show, "The Best of the Rest" (which is why I don't know which city they auditioned in). But hey, it's my list, so I can do that.

Is the next American Idol up there on my list? Only time will tell! If so, then I can point back to this and say, "I picked him/her from the BEGINNING!" Heh heh.


amy said...

I wish I had done this but I couldnt remember any of them!

Skittles said...

Hurray for Hollywood Week!

Misty Dawn said...

Time for the arguments and disagreements among the groups now... then we'll start to see the talent really coming out.