Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shocking and Disturbing....WWMD?

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I am shocked - shocked I say! - at the number of grey hairs that are popping up on my head lately. I used to just have one or two here or there, but they are multiplying. Why must they be wirey and stand up in such an unruly manner? Why have they suddenly attacked my head this summer?

Even more shocking - and greatly disturbing - is the amount of hair that falls out of my head. Of course the grey hairs never fall out. Just the brown ones. But seriously, ya'll, it's a wonder I'm not bald. My bathroom floor is covered in hairs! Which brings me to this week's WWMD?

Martha would surely shudder at the sight of my bathroom floor, but I have discovered a nifty Martha-esque way to deal with it! Observe the hair dryer:

This hair dryer can be used just like a leaf-blower. You know, the kind the yard guys use to blow the grass clippings and stuff around. Over to the neighbor's yard, I think. But back to my hairy bathroom floor. The hair dryer can be used as a blower to gather up all those loose hairs into one big pile:

Then it's easy to just pick them up and throw them away! Or, perhaps, save them to make a wig with when I really AM bald. Brilliant!

What? Martha's rolling her eyes? She's just jealous she didn't think of it first.

If you want to play along - and you know you do! - leave me a link here and over at OK, Where Was I? so we can come by and see your hillbillity. It's a good thing.


Stacey said...

OHHHHHHHHHH I am ROMFLOL (did I say that right?)

You are hilarious....and at the same time a genius. I have learned something valuable here and am now off to test-dry my floors. Because they're very very gross. xoxo

D... said...

Seriously, I have yet to notice any grey hairs on you. But, I do feel your pain!

Bubba's Mom said...

I do not see a thing humorous about shedding one's hair - mine has been falling out for years. However, the hair dryer put to use in this way is Brilliant!! If I had been saving all my hair that's fallen out, by now I would have a head of wig that would challenge any shampoo model on TV!!

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I lose so much hair in a day it's no longer funny. I used to have hair so thick oh how I complained. Well that is no longer a problem. I have to use the plunger to retrieve what I lose in the shower and then a broom for the bathroom floor.
I will be trying out your idea, seems so much easier. I am all for convenience.
Please don't get me started on the gray hair. I have been coloring it for so long I didn't notice until a couple years ago when I decided to go dark again how bad it actually was.Ugh!!!

Katie Lady said...

Having JUST cleaned hair out of my FRIDGE, I can say I'm not really disgusted. But, had I NOT done that, I would be kind of disgusted.

Julie said...

ROTLMAO! I am having the exact same issue with my hair. (If memory serves me, aren't we the same age? I turned 39 in Feb.) The red strands are the ones being shed while the white (mine are pure white..yikes!)strands are taking over my head.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

The best word that comes to mind is... ICK.

jennyonthespot said...

I do this too!!!! We are so awesome! Ya wanna know what I do to pick up the little animal? I use a baby wipe - I call it "micro-mopping" :)

Anonymous said...

This is so NOT disgusting! I've done it for years. My bathroom has a few corners where brooms can't get to. The hair dryer is the best thing! I also use a vacuum to clean the hair out of my tub (making sure the tub is dry, of course!).

Kim said...

I sooo know where you are coming from. I luckily have a lot of hair on my head so hopfully I won't go bald to soon. But I am amazed at the amout of hair I find on my bathroom floor.

I've actually done this before! I thought I was the only one. It started by accident though. I was drying my hair one day upsidedown and saw the hair all piling together and thought...HEY! That would be a great way to pick it all up.

Bubba's Sis said...

That's exactly how I thought of it, Kim!!