Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall TV is back!!

I'm so excited - it is finally time for Fall TV! A couple of shows I watch have already premiered, and most of the others premiere this week! It was a long summer with nothing to watch but Houston Astros baseball and the one good prime time show - Saving Grace.

I've added something new to my sidebar - Shows I'm Watching. As they premiere, I'll add to the list. If you watch them, too, let me know! I love to dish on the latest episodes! Here's what I think so far:

Kid Nation - great show! I was way impressed with those kids; I cried with them and cheered with them - I can't wait to see how it unfolds! My early favorites: Sophia, Taylor, Laurel, and Michael.

Survivor: China - off to a pretty good start. The last Survivor was kinda boring, but being the devoted Survivor watcher that I am, I stuck with it. I hope they liven it up a bit this season. So far so good. There are people I like and people I dislike on each tribe, so I haven't really sided with either one yet. I think the Gwen-Stefani-lookalike-girl needs to go. My early favorites are Aaron (easy on the eyes), James (big and sweet), and Leslie.

Some of my favorite shows aren't coming back yet - like Lost, American Idol, and Amazing Race. They'll be back mid-season. Something to look forward to!


crazy working mom said...

I cried watching Kid Nation too!!! :)

I'm excited about the new television season.

D... said...

I'm excited about fall tv being back as well! In addition to the shows he already watches, Hubby wants me to record Chuck for him.

Is it just me, or are the girls this Survivor season bustier? I felt like I had a lot of my boobies in my eye view.

On Kid Nation, my early favorites are the same as yours. And, the $20,000 gold star. Way cool.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I have a big post on Survivor over at my site. As for the boobies, can't say I noticed in particular, but they do aq lot of casting for sex appeal. Look at the bios and see how many are actors/models/bartenders. You get a few exceptions, like the teacher from Atlanta (who needs a better bra for sporting events like the challenges (it's all she was wearing)), and the lunchlady )nice mullet!). I really didn't need to know that the Gwen Stefani-wannabe was not wearing a bra (as she told Jeff and the world). Amy and I agree she needs to go soon.

Bubba's Sis said...

I noticed all the boobies, too - especially the wrestler lady and the black lady (who wore heels and a skirt! What was she thinking??)

And do none of the men on the show wear tighty whities? They all seem to have on boxers. Do that many men wear boxers??

I tell ya, if I were going on Survivor, I would wear appropriate clothing at all times just in case they said, "Go! Now!" You won't catch me in a skirt and heels!

D... said...

You would think that the contestants would have learned by now, huh?

A.J.Reams said...

Looks like we'll be watching the same shows. Kid Nation was pretty good and I was very sad to see Chicken leave Survivor.

Lost is my all time favorite and I can't wait for it to start again.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Yeah, it's a shame we have to wait another 4 months for season 4 of Lost. I am probably one of the select few who watch Las Vegas on NBC which is swapping James Caan for Tom Selleck this season, could be interesting but now we have Thomas Magnum running the casino instead of Sonny Corleone.

Stacey said...

Mk...well I'm not gonna be showin my boobies up in TX anytime soon NOW--pshh!

B/S, I just clicked on the Saving Grace link (thanks) and I've never heard of this before and I'm very very intrigued. I think I'll watch one online this week--thanks for the tip.

I will indeed write embryo man for all of us who think 'what a dweeb'. I do it for the greater good--for the nation--for the whole wide world....oh..wait, it's Lee's Summit, not many readers, lol. xoxo

Skittles said...

There was something starting back up an a channel, and I thought it would be good to watch. I can't remember what it was now..

I'm waiting for Idol, too!

cjh said...

I only watch Survivor when forced to by The Brother. But I liked James, too.