Monday, September 24, 2007

Curious Snail Mail

I received two very strange letters in the mail today. The first came from my bank. Due to some problems with my dumbass ISP, I had to change my e-mail address last week. I made the correction on all the websites that have my e-mail address, including The Bank. Today I get this letter:

Notification of Undeliverable E-mail

Dear Bubba's Sis:

The Bank recently encountered some difficulties e-mailing the important information referenced below.

It is very important that The Bank is able to send you notices regarding your account. If your e-mail inbox is full, please go to your inbox and clean out some of your old e-mail so that The Bank can continue to send you important information.

This original e-mail was sent to bubbassis@oldemailaddress:

Greetings Bubba's Sis:

Your E-Mail address has changed. Thanks again for choosing to bank with us. For your security we wanted to let you know that your primary e-mail address you provided has been changed to bubbassis@newemailaddress.


The Bank

Um.....hello? If you are notifying me that you have a new e-mail address for me, wouldn't you send the notification to THAT E-MAIL ADDRESS??? I have a new one for a reason! The old one doesn't work anymore!

The other letter came from my phone company. I registered with them online so that I could pay my bills online. Obviously registration requires giving them your personal information. They sent me a letter today that said this:

Dear Bubba's Sis,

Thank you for your interest in The Phone Company's self-service feature available with your phone service. You are receiving this letter as a confirmation of a change to your Phone Company Account Manager online account. The following change was requested on telephone number xxx-xxx-xxxx (my phone number)

This telephone number has been added to your profile.

Thank you for using The Phone Company

What?? They spent money on paper and postage to let me know that my phone number is my phone number??

Am I the only one who doesn't get it?


D... said...

I truly believe that right hand never knows what the left hand is doing. Crazy waste of resources.

wendy bird said...

Gotta love technology, or the lack thereof.

At least it wasn't ugly mail?

crazy working mom said...

Hah! That is priceless!!!

Timmie Smith said...

Hey! I need the new email addy too so I can send you Jayci updates! If you sent an email with it I apologize because it must have gotten sucked into one of the email black holes I have setup.

StaceyG said...

I think everybody is over-paranoid about how they handle "personal information." When the phone company has to send you a letter telling you that your phone number is indeed your phone number, that crosses the line into overkill. =)