Monday, July 17, 2006

Things that trouble me

Sometimes as I sit up late at night, things trouble me. Everything seems worse at night, right? That's when the boogerbears come out. It's also nice and quiet and I have plenty of time to contemplate the more troubling things in life.

1. I read on another blog that the whole thing about the Texas flag being able to be flown at the same height as the American flag because we were once an independent nation is an URBAN LEGEND! This troubles me because I was taught this all my life and never thought to question it as Urban Legend. I was taught it in SCHOOL for Pete's sake! How can that be wrong?

2. Change troubles me. Our church is adding a Sunday evening service, which is fabulous for non-morning people like me, however it interferes with our small-group time and I don't want to have to choose one or the other. I know this will all work out, but for now it troubles me.

3. My electric bill was excessively high this month. It was last month, too. I don't think I'm using any more electricity than I normally do at this time of the year; I think the electricity rates have gone way up. Still gotta pay it, tho! The price we pay to stay cool in this Texas heat!

4. Dear husband's boss died unexpectedly over the weekend. I am troubled that a 45-year-old man had a stroke and died. I am troubled about what will happen with the dynamics of the workplace now that he is suddenly gone. I worry about how my dear hubby's job will be affected.

5. And finally, I am troubled by my next-door neighbors, who are right now as I am typing this at 1:00 a.m. outside on their driveway (the other side of my bedroom wall) making noise! This is a common occurrence, and ranges from loud talking to basketball playing to BOOM BOOM rap music blaring. It is rude, and yet attempts to (nicely) speak to them about various problems we have had with them have not gone well. The police have told us to just call them whenever we have a problem - apparently our neighbors are well known with the local police department. This troubles me.

Boy, you can sure tell I'm a Libra, can't you? My scales are out of balance and I'm all abother! (Is abother a word?) But sleep brings perspective, and tomorrow none of this will seem quite so troubling......I hope.


katielady said...

Your neighbors trouble ME, and I don't even live there!

The whole TX flag thing has me irritated as well. That guy was just rude. I think the false urban legend is FALSE!

I'm sorry about hubby's boss.

Bubba said...

Life is about change. Little brother is learning that.

You can get up and go to church in the morning still and do small group later.