Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Life and Death

First, the death part. Dear Hubby and I are going to our second funeral of the summer - first was for my grandmother, and now this one is for his boss. Not exactly in my Top Ten List of Fun Things I Did On My Summer Vacation. Both are sad, but my grandmother's death was rather expected, while the boss' was completely the opposite. It seems like every funeral I have ever been to, it is either really really hot outside or really really cold. I'm guessing this time it will be the first one, since we are up over 100 on a daily basis now.

Now the fun part - babies! I blogged about this back in the spring, because so many people I know have had babies or are pregnant. And I've been reading some good pregancy/baby blogs lately, too, by Pigs and PostHipChick. It all brings back so many good memories of my baby-making days. I can't birth babies anymore - the equipment has been removed - but now I can live it vicariously thru the ones I love that are going thru the joyful experience! I think I might even be having sympathy symptoms for those loved ones.....kinda scary!

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katielady said...

I'm sorry about hubby's boss, that is certainly tragic.

I don't believe your feux-symptoms. That's crazy talk!