Friday, July 07, 2006


Navy Son is home from Italy on two weeks of leave. He stayed a couple of days with us, and is now visiting other family members here in the area (he's got to see all his peeps, you know). Last night we took him to our favorite local Mexican restaurant to celebrate his 21st birthday (you just don't get good Tex-Mex in Sicily). It was a good time; they put a sombrero on his head and sang to him, and he got a free dessert which they smeared on his face a little. He loves it when it's all about him. He looks good and the Navy has really matured him. Naughty Little Boy Dog absolutely adores him - I think it might be a birds-of-a-feather thing (Navy Son was a Naughty Little Boy Son at one time!). Anyway, I must say that his father and I are proud of how he turned out. We done good!

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