Saturday, July 22, 2006

Check it out - and hurry up!

I firmly believe that Stupid People should NOT be allowed to use the self-checkout registers in the grocery store. I, myself, like to check myself out (ha!) because if I only have a few items it is quick and easy (assuming I don't get stuck behind a Stupid Person). I understand how the register works (even for produce!) and can scan, bag, and pay quicker than the average bear. However, if you do not understand how the system works (which is kinda hard since it TELLS you how it works) and you have a kajillion items to scan and you constantly need "cashier assistance", please refrain from using the self-checkout in the future. You are in my way.

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katielady said...

Oooh, big pet peeve of mine. We don't have self-check here in NYC (that I know of), but I don't know if I'd use it anyway. Way too many self-centered people who don't give a rats ass that they are holding you up because they don't know how to scan and put it into the bag.