Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Continuing Adventures of Naughty Little Boy Dog

Well, it seems that the little "procedure" Naughty Little Boy Dog underwent did not do much to improve his behavior. This week has been wild - every time we leave the house he just goes nuts! We come home and find the couch cushions all over the floor (not chewed up, thankfully), a silk house plant shredded, moss all over the floor from the bottom of a silk ficus (that we have had for MONTHS and he just decided the moss around the bottom is fun to play with), or the toilet paper unrolled. If we don't put them up, he will shred the magazines and TV guide - or chew on the remote control! Anything within his reach is fair game. He even chewed up his food bowl (and Good Girl Dog's, too!) I think it's time to put him back in the crate when we leave. He will hate it, but it will at least save my stuff!


katielady said...

Yes, you've got to do SOMETHING! That's ridiculous! In my house, he'd be banished to the back yard while we're gone, if not for good!

Bubba's Sis said...

But how can you resist that adorable face?!?

I should point out that he doesn't always to ALL those things when we are gone - usually just one or two, and sometimes he is good and doesn't do anything (if I am gone only a short time). But still, I think it's time to get the crate out of the attic and put him in there when we're going out for longer than 30 minutes or so. Bubba's Mom has to do that with her doggie, too. They just don't like it when we leave and don't take them along!

cjh said...

It really is an adorable face. My friends crate their dogs sometimes and the dogs don't mind. They end up thinking of it as their own little place...sometimes even going in just to sleep even when everyone's there. Good luck!

Kitten said...

Our chocolate labrador retriever, "Chili-Dog" has a wire kennel that he sleeps in at night with a soft, comfy cushion and this is where he stays when we are out of the house for an extended time period. So far we have been very, very lucky with having a lab living in the house. Since he got his permanent teeth he stopped chewing up furniture and electrical cords. This is when he was living in Byron's new office. We had pretty much puppy proofed the room but there were a few things we neglected to get out before they became "toys" that needed knawing. I fixed the furniture that got chewed, electrical cords were replaced and then he moved into the main house. He only chews up his own toys now and has left our shoes, clothes, furniture and anything else that does not belong to him...alone! But, he did scratch up a door when Byron went outside and did not take him along. The door has been repainted but we think it is SAFER for Chili to be in his kennel when we are not here.

So, maybe if you think of it in those terms ~ SAFER FOR NAUGHTY BOY DOG to be in his kennel than loose in the house to prevent his getting into something that could hurt him... you might be able to handle crating him.

Good luck sweetie!!!!