Saturday, October 11, 2008

What kind of blog is this, anyway?

Your Blogging Type is Kind and Harmonious

You're an approachable blogger who tends to have many online friends.

People new to your blogging circle know they can count on you for support.

You tend to mediate fighting and drama. You set a cooperative tone.

You have a great eye for design - and your blog tends to be the best looking on the block!


forgetfulone said...

You are approachable and do have an eye for design! I took the quiz. I am logical! I coulda told ya that!

D... said...

Shocker! I got the same thing.

Debbie said...

I would agree with all of those things about you. I'm off to take the quiz. I'll probably be some serial-killer or something.

Tales From the Eurovan said...

I think that sums up your blog well, although I would add funny to the list as well! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog today!
Take care,

Bubba's Mom said...

Yep, that sounds like you! Especially the mediation part, since you are a true Libra.

jennyonthespot said...

Oh yeah - right on the money - were there money to be "on", that is :)