Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dinner and Dancing

Every Monday night I have a date. It's a dinner and dancing date! Daughter and I go over to Bubba's Mom's house and she cooks us a delicious dinner and we all watch Dancing With the Stars! We have great fun. There are no boys allowed. Hubby stays home to watch his TV shows, and Little Son either stays home with him or tags along with us to hang out with Bubba's Dad in the study, watching weird shows on The History Channel or something. They like that kind of stuff.

But we girls! We have the best time watching all the dancing and critiquing every move, every costume, every judge's comment. We cheer on our favorites and even attempt some of the dance moves every now and then if we're feeling particularly brave. It's a great Girls' Night. I'll sure miss it when the season is over.

So, do you watch? Who are your favorites?


Debbie said...

Oh goodness. Don't stop when the season is over. Just find another show and keep on going!

Angie Ledbetter said...

We do something similar at my Mom's each week, watching the ridiculous reality shows like Top Chef and Project Runway. Fun times. :)

cjh said...

I watch when I can. Last night I was able to see the catch up part from the night before and then the results. I love Warren Sapp. But I pretty much agreed with the judges. They were some fun dances!

Patois said...

I'm afraid I'm only into the Amazing Race's Team PMs this year.

D... said...

WooHoo, Patois! Thanks! Maybe next season Bubba's Sis & I will be on Dancing With The Stars so you can get into that one as well. ;)

Brooke & Cody are my favs. Has nothing to do with their partners either. ;)

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forgetfulone said...

That sounds like so much fun! Great idea.

Misty Dawn said...

That sounds like so much fun - I bet you gals have a blast!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun!