Monday, October 27, 2008

Cambodia - Amazing Race Leg 5

Wow! Auckland, New Zealand has been fun, but after our mandatory rest period with the other Teams, it's time to race again! This time we were off to Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Our departure time was 9:32 a.m. - finally a decent hour! But we were well behind leaders Ken & Tina, who left at 6:03 a.m. At least we got to sleep in a little bit! By the time we got to Auckland International Airport, Ken & Tina and Terence & Sarah had already gotten on a 12:20 p.m. flight. We had to get on a 4:55 p.m. flight with all the other Teams (except Ty & Aja, who were WAAAAAAY behind us). Turns out we met up with Ken & Tina and Terence & Sarah at our layover in Singapore, so we all arrived in Siem Reap at the same time (minus Ty & Aja - no telling where they were).

It was a REALLY long flight, so I took my Xanax and went to sleep. Look what D... did to me while I was sleeping! Braided my hair and drew a mustache on me with a Sharpie! I'm not amused.

Our clue at the airport told us to take a taxi to a roadside gas pumping station. We had a hard time communicating with our taxi driver, but he managed to get us there. Ya'll, Cambodia is NASTY! We don't ever want to go back there!

At the gas station we had to use a hand pump, the method most commonly used in this part of Cambodia, to fill a truck's gas tank with 25 liters of diesel fuel. Easy breezy! We had to take turns pumping, and our arms were tired, but we did it! Those stupid frat boys Andrew & Dan couldn't figure it out. We just laughed at them as we got our next clue: jump in the back of our now fully-gassed truck and have the driver take us to Siem Reap Harbor. From there we had to take a marked boat to the floating restaurant, Kho Andeth.

Several of us Teams were all in it together, and we took turns passing each other on the road in our big trucks. The same thing happened in the boats - it was definitely feeling like a race!! D... and I were worried that since we were going to a restaurant we might have to eat something gross. But thankfully, that was not the case. When we got there it was a Detour, a choice between two tasks, each with its pros and cons. In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Village Life or Village Work. In Village Life, Teams used their boats to pick up three items: a set of toy teeth from the dentist; a doll from the tailor; and a basketball from the floating basketball court where each Team member had to make one basket. Then they had to deliver the items to a man at the dock for their next clue. In Village Work, Teams had to take their boat to a fishing ground, wade into waist deep water, and search among numerous fishing traps for two filled with fish. Then they had to deliver the fish back to the dock and transfer the fish into baskets to receive their next clue.

There was NO WAY D... and I were getting in that nasty water. So we went with Village Life. It was really quite easy, and interesting to explore the floating village (but still - nasty). We had a lot of fun with the teeth, too! Wind-up chattering teeth are always fun.

We finished the task high and dry, and ahead of several other Teams! Woot!

Our next clue told us to travel to Angkor Wat, an ancient temple that was built for the king in the 12th century and has since become a symbol of Cambodia. Off we go!

Angkor Wat was amazing! And HUGE! The next clue was a Roadblock, and read,"Who has a better sense of direction?" It was D...'s turn. She may not be able to read a map, but she's pretty good with directions. She's certainly never gotten lost in a mall or anything!

She had to search the immense grounds of Angkor Wat for a small elusive room named Prassat Kok Troung, also known as the Chamber of Echoes. Once there, she had to stand on a specific spot and thump her chest in such a way as to make the sound echo throughout the chamber (creepy!), at which point she could pick up the next clue. It took her a little while - like I said,that place is HUGE! But with the help of a local, she finally found it, beat her chest like Tarzan, and got our next clue, printed on the back of a sculpture: travel to the Pit Stop at Bayon Temple, a 12th century Buddhist temple!

Off we went! We had no idea what place we were in because everyone was pretty spread out around the temple, but there were still Teams there when we left, so we knew we weren't last.

It took some searching, but finally we found Phil on the grounds of the Bayon Temple!

Imagine our surprise when he told us we were in SECOND PLACE!!!! WOOT! We couldn't believe it! What's even better is that we came in ahead of Ken & Tina this leg. They are really annoying us. Ty & Aja, who were so far behind from the beginning that they really didn't stand a chance, were last to arrive, and were eliminated from the race. They seem to really be in love; I hope everything works out for them.

So here we are in nasty Cambodia, waiting to see where the race will take us next. Hopefully out of here, that's for sure! Stay tuned for our continuing adventures on the Amazing Race!!!

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D... said...

I really thought it'd be a non-elim leg. I liked Aja & Ty. Hope it works out for them.

Do you forgive me? It was a LONG flight and I was BORED with no one to talk to... I know Sharpie takes awhile to wash out. Maybe some fingernail polish remover?

Bubba's Sis said...

Of course I forgive you! You really can't see it very much at all now. Friendship lasts longer than Sharpie, that's for sure! :-)

forgetfulone said...

I have an award for you.

Patois said...

Thank goodness you weren't eliminated. This is the best reality TV/blog/fantasy I've ever watched.

Lamb said...

Sounds like you had fun! But it's too bad what my mom did. Tsk tsk I told her not to do that anymore. *sigh* I guess it's too late for her to learn her lesson after doing it to my brother so many times ;)

david mcmahon said...

As Bugs Bunny might have said,

WAT's up Doc?