Saturday, October 04, 2008

Florence Nightingale

- Pain medication every 4 hours.
- Antibiotic every 6 hours.
- Use ice pack 30 minutes on, then 10 minutes off, for first 48-72 hours.
- Rinse with warm salt water four times a day.
- Give extra love and tenderness frequently.

Daughter had oral surgery yesterday. They took out nine teeth. Yes, NINE. Four bicuspids, her four wisdom teeth, and one baby tooth holdout. They also had to "upright" her two back lower molars that were impacted from the wisdom teeth. It was quite a day.

She spent most of yesterday in and out of consciousness - sleeping was good, but when she would awaken she would panic, saying things like, "This is not our house!" or "I can't do this! I have things to do!" As the anesthesia wore off, tho, she became more coherent and able to eat some Jello and some chocolate pudding. We watched The Music Man last night and tho she couldn't sing along, I know she was singing in her head. I'm still singing in my head. ("Shipoopi, Shipoopi.....").

This morning she is feeling much better, but her little face is quite swollen. She's having ice cream for breakfast. Little Son is jealous.

So I'll be spending my weekend as Nurse Mommy, a role I embrace. I'm not such a bad nurse. And I have a really good patient.


Patois said...

Good news that all went well. I'd have been a wreck in the lead-up to it. Godspeed on a quick recovery.

Bubba's Mom said...

I know you're a good nurse, Sis. You learned it all from me. I am proud of our girl - she was brave and did good. And in a few days, she'll be her sunny little self again.

D... said...

You have one of the best patients! One out of four. Actually, maybe only one out of three! ;)

When Lamb has hers, I'll let you be her nurse. I'm not a very good one.

Tales From the Eurovan said...

I hope she feels better quickly! That was a lot of teeth to have pulled! Is her brother bribing her for the ice cream? Next thing you know he will be asking to have his teeth pulled!

Take care,

crazy working mom said...

Oh, the poor dear! I hope she recovers quickly for both of your sakes.

Debbie said...

Poor thing. That sound awful. Hope she's feeling better asap. It is nice to be nurse mommy, isn't it?

forgetfulone said...

Oh, no! That's quite a lot to have done at one time. I hope she gets to stay home from school for a couple of days. I had my wisdom teeth out at age 22, and it was awful. I can only imagine your poor baby.

Tanya @ said...

Oh, poor girl. Hope she feels better soon. I had my bicuspids done when I was about her age. I remember I was able to get my mom to make my favorite punch. I think I drank the entire 2 gallons all by myself. :)

As for the wisdom teeth, they were taken out two years ago, and I don't think it would have been all that bad, except... Around 4:30AM the morning after the extraction, I had to take Tigger to the emergency room for Croup. Mommy in pain and child can't breathe - not a fun time...

Katie Lady said...

I'm so glad she did fine. I knew she would! Hopefully she is feeling better today.