Thursday, October 02, 2008

A God Thing

I know, I know - you're looking for my Vintage Thingies Thursday or my Sincerely 'Fro Me to You - they're down there, just scroll a little. But read this first. It's that good.

Our church has a special service on the first Wednesday of every month, and during this time they also have a special Bible study for 6th graders that Little Son goes to. So we're in the van driving to church earlier tonight and Daughter is trying to decide if she wants to go be a teen helper in the 6th grade program or sit in church with me (Hubby had to work late). Thinking in my mind that there would mainly be adult helpers with the 6th graders and not many teen helpers (if any), I made the comment, "Well, you don't want to be confused for a 6th grader."

That was SO the wrong thing to say.

Daughter has always been a petite thing. Only 5 lbs. 13 oz. at birth, she grows along the curve of the growth scale, but way below the scale. She's shorter than most all of her classmates, but she's precious and cute and petite - however I hit a nerve with that statement tonight. Little Son made it worse by exclaiming, "She's saying you're SHORT!" And here came the tears.

I apologized profusely, telling her I did NOT mean it like that. She said she knew, but it's just hard because people are always telling her how short she is (like she doesn't know!) and sometimes even teasing her about it. "I hate that about me!" she said.

And my heart cracked a little bit.

I told her that God made her the way she is for a reason - that he knew her even before she was born and designed her every part to be just what she was supposed to be. I told her to NEVER hate the way she looks, because her beauty comes from within, and God made her specially designed for His purpose for her life. That seemed to help.

So she sat in church with me, because there was no way she was going to go mingle with the 6th graders now! We sang some awesome songs, then had some silent prayer time where I asked God to speak to her heart, to comfort her and assure her. I was feeling pretty crappy for saying what I did.

So the youth pastor was the speaker tonight - Daughter's youth pastor. And he gets up on stage and says we're going to start in Jeremiah tonight, and proceeded to read from Chapter 1:

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..."

Ya'll, I got chills.

He went on to talk about how God has designed each of us for His purpose, and that He has a plan for all of us.

It was just what Daughter needed to hear.

If that wasn't a God Thing, then I don't know what is.

Thank you, Lord, for speaking to Daughter's heart tonight. Please continue to embrace her in your love and receive her self-esteem from YOU. You are an awesome God.



Melissa said...

that's so cool! i got chills reading it. i love how you and D... always tell your girls how beautiful they are. it is very encouraging for to remember when i have kids some day.

D... said...

And they are even more beautiful on the INSIDE.

I always hated being short myself. Like our girls, I was always the shortest in my class. Shoot, even now I get mistaken for a FIFTH GRADER ALL THE TIME! However, I have learned to embrace it. I am exactly how God wants me to be. I am so happy that Daughter heard that. It was totally fitting and definitely a God moment. This is the 2nd time I'm hearing about it and I find it as cool & chilling the 2nd go around as I did the first.

Debbie said...

Don't you just love it when it works like that? I have to say that often God is speaking to me - but lots of time it's cause I've been just a teeny bit bad.

Tanya @ said...

Isn't He amazing!?!

And, a quick aside to your daughter - My husband is 6'7. People comment to him ALL.THE.TIME. about how tall he is, and constantly ask him how he measures up, and if he plays basketball. He's had many conversations/arguements/pleadings with God about it. There are still times he has his feelings hurt by someone commenting on his stature, but for the most part he has come to terms with his height.

He started telling all those annoying people who ask if he plays b-ball, "No, I'm a professional horse jockey."

cjh said...

Yep, chills on this end, too. And I was thinking that perhaps there's a smallish teenage boy somewhere she's supposed to meet someday.

kris said...

great story, my Mom always stressed this to me too, as in JrHi I was the tallest and skinniest.... wish I could ave a little of that skinny back!

Valarie said...

I love it when God works like that!

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Oh B/S, that is so cool! A perfect teachable God moment. Goose bumps and warm fuzzies on that one!

Jewelgirl said...

Oh It is so hard to grown up now.
Everyone is supposed to be such and
such. Tear the growth charts up!
Every Girl is wonderful in his eyes!

Patois said...

Wow! I got such chills. God knows.

StaceyG said...

Awesome! My kiddo goes through similar things...gets called "Thumbelina" a lot. =(

forgetfulone said...

I'm short, my daughter's short, so I understand those feelings all too well.

That was definitely a God thing!

Tales From the Eurovan said...

I just love it when God shows up in ways that could only be Him! What a great message for not only your daughter, but for all of us to remember! I needed to hear this!

Take care,