Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ten Things That Worry Me

What, me worry? My Ten on Tuesday offering for this week:
  1. Breast cancer
  2. Alzheimer's
  3. my children - their health, their safety, their futures, everything
  4. money
  5. Hubby's health
  6. Hubby's job
  7. the lump on Good Girl Dog's side - what if it's a tumor?? She is 7 years old today.
  8. that cat hanging around my house, thinking he lives here, meowing at my door every night
  9. my upcoming flight to Florida in November
  10. not living up to others' expectations of me


wendy bird said...

You should have answered confidently...World Peace. Helloooo...what happened to your training.

Love you--from your fellow beauty queen...

Misty Dawn said...

Oh gosh you have so very legit worries - I should have mentioned Alzheimer's.

D... said...

It is not a tumor. If it were, it would be getting bigger. Ask your vet about it, but it's not a tumor!

You really shouldn't worry about others' expectations of you. Like a lot of things, it's all subjective. You can be/do your absolute best and still not please everyone. You are a good, caring, fun person. That's all you should think about.

You will be just fine on your flight. Before you know it, it'll be over and you'll have that many more hours to enjoy Florida.

There. I knocked 3 things off your worry list.

Patois said...

All reasonable fears, for sure. We overlap on a few, but your number 1 and number 2 should have absolutely been on my list.

Julie said...

I hope #7 will turn out to be nothing serious!

We share many worries, especially Alzheimer's (which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy) and cancer.

crazy working mom said...

Girl, I'm with ya on 3,4,&5!!

Stacey said...

Money...hear ya B/S, that seems to be the theme around here lately. I hate that!

You still telling yourself you don't have a cat? Let that pretty little boy inside, will ya!

And B/S, clearly I don't know you well like those who get the opportunity to be with you each day, but it is very obvious you need not worry about expectations. You are just right, I can tell. xoxo

PS--thanks for not laughing at the caftan, but it really did look bad.

Katie Lady said...

For no. 9, I recommend one of Bubba's Mom's valium and a few shots of vodka. You'll sleep through the whole thing! Granted, you may puke, but you won't be bothered by the flight!