Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Rainmaker

I have this rain curse. It's really kinda weird - anytime I plan an outdoor activity, it rains! Not little stuff like doing the yard or anything - but big stuff like vacations, parties, parades, etc. Growing up, I had never been to Astroworld that it didn't rain. Ever. Went to an outdoor concert - it rained. Took my kids to the State Fair - it rained. Aggie football game - stood in puddles up to my ankles. Planned a big outdoor birthday party for the kids - it poured. The Great San Antonio Flood of 1998? That was me. We went to Sea World. It even rains on me at Disney World, which is why I have already started watching the weather forecast for Orlando next week. I'm looking at - not sure how accurate it is - but it changes daily. Two days ago there was going to be sunshine for our whole trip. Now we might see rain on Friday. Does that mean that by the time we go it'll be raining every day?!?

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