Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back to life, back to reality....

Why is always so hard to get back to real life after a vacation? My brain has been mush this week and I have been so UNmotivated to get things done - even blogging.

My beautiful daughter - my first born - celebrated her 12th birthday this week - the only highlight of the week! I can't believe she is 12 - only one more year and she'll be a TEENAGER!! Yikes! I can see glimpses of it already - she has one foot in childhood and the other in adolesence, and I remember all too well what a struggle that is. But I am so proud of her because she is confident in who she is and so far is staying true to herself. I pray that she continues on that path.

Sigh - tomorrow is another Monday. Hopefully I'll do better this week and at least be able to function somewhat normally! Vacation Withdrawal is the worst. The only cure.......plan another vacation!

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