Monday, March 06, 2006

I Sudoku, Do You?

I have discovered the World of Sudoku! Our local paper just started printing a Sudoku puzzle each day - Level 1 on Monday up to Level 5 on Friday. I finished them all this week, thankyouverymuch. Tonight I discovered I can play ONLINE! Wow! And it's so much easier than doing it with a pencil and/or pen! I even did the one in the TV Guide this week, which uses letters instead of numbers (a bit more challenging because I had to keep referring to the list of letters used, but I did it!). So I guess this is my new hobby. I even bought a book of Sudoku puzzles to take in the car with me on vacation next week. Good exercise for the brain!


katielady said...

I, too, Sudoku! I'm rather addicted, I have to limit myself.

Wes Raine said...

I love Su Doku!! Roxi got me into it through an online version first and then she got me a really challenging book of them for Christmas. It drives me crazy sometimes, but I'm still working on it!

Timmie Smith said...

I sudoku too. My daily routine is to do the online puzzle here while bouncing Ana on my knee. Helps me get going mentally in the mornings and is boring enough for Ana that she can't help but take her nap.