Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sincerely 'Fro Me to You - My PHONE is also a CAMERA!

When I bought my current cell phone, it was my first time to have a camera phone. Of course I had to show off and take pictures of everyone and everything with it.

"Look how easy it is to use, Bubba's Mom! Smile!"


And here's what I got:

She is so impressed with technology.


We are THAT Family said...

Either she doesn't have internet service


you have a really great relationship with her :D

D... said...


Debbie said...

I think Dana summed it up best! Hee!

Jenny in Utah said...


Katie Lady said...

Oh, that is SO flattering!

Poor Mom.

Jenny86753oh9 said...'re in trouble!!!! She's totally going to fong you! (Great shot tho!!)

forgetfulone said...

I bet she's not too happy that the world is looking at that photo! But, it's a great memory! I finally got a phone with a camera about a year ago. I never had the need for it, but it's there now. Just for fun.

Patois said...

You so deserve a good smack on the butt, girl!

Bubba's Mom said...

Now people will think 've had a stroke!! Tacky, tacky Sis, to use weird pictures of your mother for your own egocentric pleasure. I will get even!

rachelizabeth said...

Ah, the joys of technology!

Misty Dawn said...

Heheheh you guys have a great relationship. Too cute!

Misty Dawn said...

Heheheh you guys have a great relationship. Too cute!

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