Monday, January 28, 2008

22 Years

Nothing has impacted the area in which I live more than the Challenger and Columbia tragedies. This is a NASA community - my daddy worked for NASA for 40 years. The astronauts are not just heroes to us - they our are neighbors, our co-workers, our friends.

I was a junior in high school and had just gotten out of class to go to lunch when I heard the rumors buzzing in the halls - "The space shuttle exploded!" No way, I thought. That just couldn't be. TWO friends of mine had daddies on that space shuttle. It just simply couldn't be. But during lunch the principal came over the PA system and announced the truth - Space Shuttle Challenger had disintegrated upon launch. You could have heard a pin drop in that high school cafeteria. For what seemed like forever, NO ONE made a sound. We were all in shock. And for weeks - for months - our whole community was in shock. And saddened beyond belief.

We lost seven heroes that day. Every year on this day I honor their memory. We will NEVER forget.


Misty Dawn said...

Gosh, I cannot believe it has been 22 years! I still remember where I was and what I was doing very vividly.

Stacey said...

Oh gosh 22 years? I'm with Mist, can't believe it. And remember it clearly too. B/S, great tribute girlfriend. xo

Jen said...

22 years! Wow...I'm amazed it's been that long. This was the first US tragedy that I remember exactly where I was when I heard it. I was going to a small private school in OK and they pulled in a tv and let us watch the news for an hour or so.

Great post, BS.

Angie said...

22 years? Let me repeat...I just can't believe it.

Even more, I can't believe that it wasn't menioned on the news all day. Today is such an important day in history you'd think the space shuttle would have been mentioned.

I was in 8th grade English when I found out about it. I remember my english teacher walking into the classroom in tears. The boys laughed at him. I hated those boys for being so cruel.


cjh said...

I'm with everyone else...can't believe it's been that long. This part of the community is one of my very favorites.

StaceyG said...

I had the exact same experience!

D... said...

I wasn't living in this area then, but that day is forever imprinted on my memory. And having a space groupie for a mother, we never forget to honor it either. 22 years.