Monday, April 30, 2007

Critter Gitter

We have a critter in our attic. An unidentified critter - could be a raccoon or a possum or maybe a squirrel - but it's definitely up there because we hear it scratching around, and it has left some critter poop around in the attic. (I suspect it is a possum because we've had to get a possum out of our attic before - oh the critter stories I could tell!)

So we borrowed Bubba's Dad's trap - affectionately called the Critter Gitter. Bubba's Dad had a squirrel problem a few years back and trapped quite a few of them in his Critter Gitter, so we know it is an effective means of ridding our attic of critters. Brave Hubby set it all up this weekend, leaving a trail of dog food right into the trap, with a pile of dog food and a cinnamon roll at the back. Last night we checked it, and apparently we have a clever critter on our hands - he ate all the dog food all the way into the cage, up to the thing he has to step on to shut the door - but then backed out and left the rest, including the cinnamon roll! It's like he knew it was a trap! So we re-baited and will try again. In the meantime I hope he doesn't come crashing thru the ceiling and land in my bed with me - THAT would be bad.

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wendy bird said...

Oh that would be SO bad!