Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm in love.

Today I officially met my new nephew, Drew Bear - the precious son of Bubba and Katie Lady. I have to say I am THE proudest aunt in the world! It has been so long since I have held a baby in my arms, smelled his sweet neck, and pressed my cheek to the top of his fuzzy head. I can't have any more babies of my own, but the baby of my brother is the next best thing! As my kids told me tonight, I "hogged the baby"! I just didn't want to let go of him! He loves me, too - we talked - he smiled and cooed at me - even laughed when I said things particularly funny. I told him all the fun things we would do together when he gets a little older. It's gonna be great. When he got tired I soothed him to sleep, and he took a nap lying on my chest. He is my new love.

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samantha Jo Campen said...

Being an aunt is The BEST! And what is it about the smell of a baby's neck? It's like opium or something.

Congrats and spoil 'em rotten! That's what we're here for:-)