Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yeah, what Ken said.

So they fired Don Imus. While I agree that what he said was very ugly, I'm not sure he should have been fired (I think the 2-week suspension would have been enough). A letter in the Houston Chronicle expressed very well the way I feel about it.....

If the Rev. Al Sharpton is so offended by remarks made regarding some young black women by Don Imus, why isn't Sharpton out campaigning against rappers? On any given day, you can find a rapper referring to young black women in terms even worse than what Imus called them. Why doesn't Sharpton campaign against this violence against women? Why isn't he sticking his face in front of a TV camera, calling for them to lose their recording contracts and be punished?
Or is it only white people who are not allowed to make these kinds of remarks? Isn't that rather racist? If it is wrong for Imus to demean young black women, then it should be just as wrong for rappers to do it, as well. Where's Sharpton's fairness?

I don't want to come off as racist, because I'm not. But the guy's got a point!


cjh said...

It's true. I've been thinking about this, too (especially since I heard the N word yet again this week in Louisiana). I think what it comes down to is that in this country we have the right to say what we want. I just wish people felt/believed differently about some things that lead to what they say.

Jerri said...

Can I add this:

Yes, I do believe that what Imus said was horrifying and yes rappers use that language 100 times a day on the radio, do you think this entire episode could have been avoided if Sharpton and Jackson had just kept their mouth closed and not drawn so much media attention to it, then the Rutgers basketball team who claim to be suffering irrepable harm wouldn't have been so publicly humiliated, it would have been a small scale problem instead of a massive media nigtmare......I just wrote about this the other day at
I would also like to say that if Sharpton and Jackson are truly Men of God, why is it that they couldn't accept Imus' apology which seemed really sincere instead of continuing to demand his firing? I mean, have they never sinned and ask for repentance? Did they get repentance for sins of some kind? Why are they too good to in turn offer a "your excused" attitude?

Last thing and I'll hush, why is it that when rappers do the trash talk, it is free speech, but when an individual on a national show does it, it is racists? Again, is it that white people simply can't use this language? Well, heck that is racists in itself, as you said. So if that is the case, why aren't Arnold Swarzenhager (spelling is bad this morning) or Hillary Clinton calling foul?

Ok, I'm resting my case, I"m sure glad you brought this up. And let me vent my opinion as well.

cjh said...

I agree, Jerri. We were talking about this last night. If the media hadn't made a big deal about it, it wouldn't have been. It could have been confined within his show, with listeners contacting the show if they were upset. Our media is just very, very screwed up.

Bubba said...

Can't white people be nappy headed?

Bubba's Sis said...

I'm pretty sure they can, Bubba.

StaceyG said...

I've noticed for some time how racism has shifted more toward white people. Heaven help the person that tries for "White History Month."