Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friday or Monday?

My Friday felt more like a Monday today. It started off as soon as I woke up and heard it storming outside. Big thunder and lightning, hard rain. Wish I could sleep in, but I must get the kids off to school. Good Girl Dog is scared of storms, and she peed on the carpet this morning. OK, I can deal with that. She's scared. I get everyone ready to go and we are out the door. Now, I drive daughter to school every day because she goes to a magnet school for gifted & talented kids and there is no bus service there. And every morning the dogs ride with me to take her to school. They love it. Since I never get out of the van, I just pull some pants on under my nightgown and put a t-shirt over it - no shoes. No one's gonna see me, right? I decide since the weather is so bad this morning that I'll just drive son to school, too - no sense making him wait for the bus in that mess! So out we go to the van. I open the side door and put the dogs in. Son opens other side door to get in and Naughty Little Boy Dog jumps out and takes off down the driveway! It is POURING! Crap! So we jump in the van and go after him (he is FAST) and finally catch up with him down the street - he saw a neighbor getting into his car and ran up to him, so Nice Neighbor Man picked him up and held him out to me at arm's length (wet dog - yuk!). I then have to get out of the van, in the pouring rain, in my attractive outfit with my nightie hanging out, to get Naughty Dog. Throw Naughty Dog into the van. We're off. But wait - when we drive back by the house, the garage door is up. Push button. Push button again. It won't go down. I get out to see what's up with THAT - apparently when son lunged to try to stop Naughty Dog, he knocked a bucket in front of the door sensor. Fixed that. Door going down now. We're off again. Back out of the driveway, I'm dragging something under the van. Shit! I get out AGAIN in the pouring rain to find the trash can lid wedged in the front wheel well (I guess I ran over it - heh heh). I pulled it out, threw it in the yard, and we're off again. Got kids to school, came home, and went back to bed! I figured I deserved an extra couple of hours of sleep!

Later as I was checking my e-mail my long-time friend and neighbor sent me an IM that said, "Are you having a good morning?" My reply: "I'm having a shitty morning." And she says, "Yes, I saw. Nice outfit by the way." I wonder how many OTHER people saw me chasing Naughty Boy Dog around in the rain with my nightie hanging out?!?

I called the vet today and got a price on getting Naughty Boy Dog neutered.

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Kitten said...

Jill ~ I'm still laughing about Bad Boy Dog's escape in the rain, your nightie hanging out from under your soaked t-shirt ensemble. Did you get that vet appointment for his little snip-snip?

Love & kisses!!!!
Kathy Butler >^..^< 0..0