Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Bear with me, my friends from the North - it's a good story!

It was a cold, wet, miserable day here in H-Town - 35 degrees and a steady, drizzly rain. A sharp contrast to the muggy 75 degree day we had yesterday. I felt bad for Hubby that he got such crappy weather on his birthday.

When I picked the kids up from school they were all a-twitter, saying that everyone at school said it was going to snow tonight! I reassured them it was NOT going to snow. It only snows here once in a blue moon, and since we had a Christmas snow several years ago, it didn't seem likely to happen again this soon.

At about 5:00 the rain turned to sleet. Sleet! We got all excited and ran outside to take some pictures. We don't even see sleet much around these parts.

By 5:30 the sleet was turning to snow! "I told you so! I told you so!" Little Son sang as he danced around. I told him to calm down - it certainly wasn't going to last long. Still, we better get some more pictures before it stops.

But ya'll - it kept snowing. And snowing. And snowing! For the next 6 hours!!! We were in utter amazement - it looked like a snow globe outside! I was like a giddy kid running outside and taking pictures every 10 minutes as the scene would change!

We have a Christmas tree outside on our deck this year - look how beautiful it is with its REAL flocking!

Of course we went out and played in it - we threw snowballs at each other, and even saved one in the freezer! Every time I would come in and warm up, I would look outside and see it still coming down and have to go back out there with my camera!

Tomorrow it will all be gone - nothing but a memory of an amazing December night. The night Hubby got snow for his birthday! What a gift!

I never would have believed it until I saw it. Wow.


Katie Lady said...

OH. MY. GOD!!! I am so jealous! How come it didn't do that HERE when it was in the 20s the other night? Bah humbug.

Bubba is a snow jinx.

Stacey said...

That tree is beautiful!! I'm so glad you got a nice snow, there's just something about a good snow that gets me all excited for the holidays. We had a snow day yesterday! xo

Patois said...

What a treat!

The McCrays said...

I love the Christmas tree. Wasn't that fun last night? So cool!

kris said...

Wasn't it fun! We have snow in our freezer too! and from now on I'm not saying it's not going to snow!! Great pics, go check out mine!

rachelizabeth said...

NO FAIR!!! I live in the D/FW area and we got nothing - maybe 3 minutes of (very) light rain. I would have loved to see snow like that - it makes the cold temperatures that much more tolerable.

Your tree is beautiful.

Tanya @ said...

Love the tree! Who woulda thunk that could happen in Houston!?!

Misty Dawn said...

Come on over to my place B/S - we've got ice pellets blowing around and slamming into our windows right now!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee. They're predicting snow here this week and everyone is atwitter. It's certainly starting off to be that sort of day. Barely 35 and drizzling. Gotta love global warming.