Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ten Things I Want for Christmas

Another tough Ten on Tuesday for me this week - I really don't want much for Christmas, and some of the stuff I do want is expensive and I don't expect to get it. But since I didn't play last week, I'll take a stab at it this week.....
  1. a new digital camera
  2. new comforter for my bed
  3. chair or loveseat for my den
  4. bubble bath
  5. pajamas
  6. clothes - mainly cute tops to wear with jeans
  7. silk plants for the plant ledge in my bedroom
  8. money to pay off bills

That's really all I can think of! I'll be happy with whatever I receive - we all know it's not about the gifts anyway. Happy Tuesday!


The Knitting Diva/aka angela said...

Great list! We always get new PJs for Christmas, although this year I was thinking about getting pjs from PajamaGram-- have you been to their site? You get pjs in a hatbox with a sachet and a door hanger, it's a cute concept. Merry Christmas and thanks for running this meme.

Anonymous said...

Your list is great... it's mom caring... which seems to get left out a lot. Good for you.


Patois said...

It's funny, but I just got Pajama Gram's catalog in the mail today. (Unsolicited, of course.)

Love that you can't come up with ten. Me neither.

Laane said...

That's a nice list.

I just mentioned the things I dream about.
We've had Sinterklaas already, that's our gift-event.

My list is at:
laane on the World

D... said...

Once again, I'm not making a list. About the only thing I want for Christmas is a couple of digital photo frames. Money to pay off bills would be nice too!

Julie said...

I hope you receive everything on your list this year :)


Jolene said...

It was hard coming up with 10. It used to be so easy when I was single and kid-free.

I forgot to mention money to pay for all those presents.

I really need a new comforter set too. Mine has almost reached its expiration date :)

Misty Dawn said...

I see we both want a new digital camera - Maybe Santa can get a two for one deal ;-)