Monday, June 04, 2007

Ten Things I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

What a fun Ten on Tuesday topic this week! Here's my list of my childhood aspirations....

1. Ballerina (I didn't have the ankles for this as a career.)

2. Artist (I have no idea why this was appealing to me because I can't draw well at all....but I always did like to color....)

3. Veterinarian (Doesn't every kid want to be this at some point in their life?)

4. Circus performer (Something with a beautiful costume and graceful animals....)

5. Teacher (This career goal actually made it to my college years....and I guess as a dance teacher I still kinda get to do this.)

6. Psychic (I used to try SO HARD to have psychic powers!!! No dice.)

7. Author (Would still like to be this someday.)

8. Miss America (Would also like to be this someday.)

9. Barrel racer (Again, glitzy cowgirl outfit, beautiful horse....)

10. A Mommy (the greatest job in the world, and it's the one I ended up with! Yay me!)


AMPlifier said...

What an eclectic list of aspirations! We actually have a few in common... stay tuned to my blog to see which ones! ;)


cjh said...

You just wanted anything with a fun outfit, didn't you? :o) I'm up, too. Much less exciting.

Eddie said...

Fun outfits make any job! Well, except for mine maybe. It's kinda boring finding shoes that don't hurt while standing in them for hours on end (while teaching).

StaceyG said...

I can identify with 1,2,3,5,7 and 10! I wouldn't mind being a psychic now, though!! My daughter's vocational wish was to be a vet. She may have moved on from that by now. She used to want to be a flower. Hee hee.

Bubba's Sis said...

You figured me out, cjh! ;-)

Patois said...

Circus performer? Pscyhic? Barrel racer? Wow, I don't think anyone else had those on their lists. I love it. And I love your asides, too!

pjd said...

Good list. I especially appreciate the psychic aspiration. Thanks for stopping by mine.

(staceyg... a flower? That's wonderful.)

Stacey said...

I'm soo gonna beat you to Miss America...soon as I ditch the fam, that is! Great list, very insightful stuff. xo