Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ten Awesome Things About Me

Another challenging Ten on Tuesday post for me - I don't tend to see myself as awesome in any way. I'm just me. So I got help on this one - I asked ten people to each tell me something awesome about me! So here's what I came up with - according to those who know me best, here are Ten Awesome Things About Me:

1. I am a true and loyal friend with a great capacity to love unselfishly.

2. I am a wonderful mother - the greatest compliment I could receive from my own mother. She said, "It comes so naturally to you, like you were born to mother. And, of course, your children reflect that."

3. I'm an awesome tap dancer.

4. I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight (many envy this).

5. I keep in touch with my family and friends and remember all their special days (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

6. I am great at organizing things, whether it be vacations, files, photos, whatever (some say this is anal, however at least one person in my life thought it was awesome, so there!).

7. I can roll out of bed and be ready to go somewhere in 30 minutes. No dilly-dallying and waiting around on me!

8. I'm fun to hang out with and always make people laugh and feel good about themselves.

9. I take awesome pictures - I have a good eye for photography.

10. I may not cook meals very well, but I can make a damn good dessert!

Awwww......hearing that that's what other people think of me.......now THAT makes me feel awesome!

Happy Tuesday!


Timmie Smith said...

My wife can also eat whatever she wants and not gain an ounce. I swear she lived on Cokes and cookies before we got married. I wish I could find a way to get a little bit of that ability for myself. So far the only things that work for me are miles in the pool and on the road.

Maybe this gift has helped develop your dessert making skills too?

AMPlifier said...

11. You're a loyal blog commenter! :)

Cool list.

Anonymous said...

You really are all 10 of those things and more! Awesome woman, you are!

JennieBoo said...

Eat and not gain, I'm sorry, but I hate you! lol :)

Your an awesome mother...I want to be one someday

You make awesome desserts? Hook me up!

Your an overall great and wonderful person! Always stay just as you are!

Happy Tuesday!


Eddie said...

This is the nicest post ever! I want to ask people the nice things about me, but I'm terrified that all I'd hear is crickets. lol

Crimson Wife said...

I definitely envy you #3, #4, and #6! Thanks for sharing :-)

Drew said...

I'm not fully awake in 30 minutes after waking up let alone ready. I have to take a shower, go back to bed for thirty minutes, lie in the bed and watch tv, get up throw my clothes on, and be out the door in about 20 minutes.

Kim said...

Love this post! I do envy and hate you for #4 though. :)

Even though we just "met" I just want to say that I have the feeling that you are all of these things and more.

I also agree with what amplifier said about being a loyal blog commenter! You're great!

Kim said...

Love this post! I do envy and hate you for #4 though. :)

Even though we just "met" I just want to say that I have the feeling that you are all of these things and more.

I also agree with what amplifier said about being a loyal blog commenter! You're great!

Dawn said...

I'm jealous of your # 4. I look at food and gain weight :(

Don and Be said...

Don't know how I found your blog, but while I'm here, I want to thank you for your heart for early breast cancer detection. My wife is a survivor and were it not for the keen eye of the x-ray tech after a routine mamogram, her stage zero breast cancer may have gone undected. After mastectomy (THE hardest thing we went through in our 25 years of marriage)she is cancer free for 3 and a half years and about 9 months away from bringing our future adopted daughter, Joanna, into our home from China. She is a remarkable woman.
She also can eat what she wants and still look a million bucks. Me? I'm starting to look like Buddha in blue jeans.

Stacey said...

I have tagged you---knowing tomorrow is WW, I will let you slide a few days!~xo

Stacey said...

Oh yea, and awesome desserts? Get over here now!!

cjh said...

I heart #3. I would love to see you do it. Just tell me when!

Titania Starlight said...

What a wonderful meme. You sound like a fun person to be around. I don;t dilly dally either. I dislike dilly dalliers. (Is that a word?):O)~

Stacey said...

am I the only loser who hasn't seen this tag yet?

Okay don't panic...if you had your eye shut, a hand in ice water then while we won't be sure for months to come, I think you may be okay. You are a funny! xo

Katie Lady said...

I'm sorry I didn't respond in time, and now you have lots of comments! I think you're pretty cool, myself.

Jolene said...

Great list. I'm envious. I wish you lived around here because I could use a hand organizing my daughters' birthday parties :) That's right, I have two girls and both were born in July. What was I thinking?

Bubba said...

You have an awesome brother.

wendy bird said...

You are a wonderful brownie maker. And a great friend. Reading your list makes me miss you lots!

StaceyG said...

I don't even really know you but think you're awesome! I'm glad you do now, too!!

Clockworkchris said...

I really enjoyed your list. If my response gets short it's because this wireless keyboard is driving me insane. I am only maybe half of those things on your list, but they make me proud. I can go for #1, #4 (but I am a man so that is more normal), #7, #8 (usually), and #9. The rest baffle me. My mom is one of my best friends so I hope my wife can be that great to our children someday (when and if we have any).

Julie said...

I totally envy you for #4. Wanna switch metabolisms? :) Nah, didn't think so. You sound like one cool person!