Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Normal? It's all relative....

Recently took a "How Normal Are You?" quiz that I found on cjh's blog - here are my results:

You Are 40% Normal

While some of your behavior is quite normal...
Other things you do are downright strange
You've got a little of your freak going on
But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself

Bubba and Katie Lady also took the quiz, and they too are 40% normal! And Cousin Wendy Bird - 40% normal. So it must be a family thing.

I am surprised that my normalcy is only at 40% - I always thought *I* was the normal one, and everyone else was weird! It certainly seems that way. But I can see a few things I do that people may construe as weird...

For instance, I like even numbers. The volume on the TV should always be an even number. Or a multiple of 5 - that is OK, too. Also, if I'm walking up stairs I must take the first step with my right foot. And the right sock must go one first, then the left sock, then the right shoe, then the left shoe. If you go sock-shoe, sock-shoe, it's just not right (Bubba will back me up on that one!). I'm a very organized person, to the point where some think I could have a bit of OCD - but that's not weird. That's just organized. I like to do certain things in a certain order. I like things to be in their place.

Doesn't everyone have their little idiosyncrasies? Does that make us not "normal"? I didn't understand how some of the questions in the quiz determined if I'm normal or not - like is it ok for someone else to be in the room when you use the bathroom. Any married couple has done this. It's a necessity. Not weird. And have I smoked pot? I have not. Is that normal? I have no idea. Bubba, have you smoked pot???

Well, all quizzing aside, I still see myself as a pretty normal gal. And if you don't agree - well, you're weird.


katielady said...

OK, the tv volume thing is more than a little weird. FREAK!!!

Organization on any level could be considered OCD, but I appreciate it immensly.

Timmie Smith said...

Woohoo!!! I'm 45% normal!

I got up to 80% by changing a few answers. Apparently you're more normal if
* You've smoked pot
* You think living together before marriage is ok
* You prefer to look better than to be on time
* You've used a fake name
* You've smoked pot
* You'd rather die than gain 150 lbs.

and so on.

So you're normal if you buy into what the media says you should look like and you've experimented with drugs and sex. I'll take my 45% and be fine with it.

I'm with you and bubba on the sock-sock-shoe-shoe method as well. The volume control is a little odd though.

cjh said...

Yes, apparently the quiz thinks we're "normal" based on whether or not we do what the majority does. I like how it assumes that not being normal means freaky instead of extraordinary. I think I'm better than normal. :o) Thus, the 35%.

Navy Son said...

So Im 60% normal....yeah right

Bubba said...

Sock Shoe, Sock Shoe is against the law, right?

I've never smoked anything, pot, mary jane, cigarrettes, cigars, pipe, crack pipe, ham, turkey, nothing.

TV volume should be on nice levels. I perfer "30" if it is loud, "25" for medium, and "20" if we need it low for a phone conversation.

I'm a bit organized as well. But I tell people being organized at work makes you incredibly valuable. When your boss asks you for something and you can get it to him in under 5 minutes because it is all together in one place, that you know where it is, it makes you look smart and on top of things.

Is eating your boogars normal?