Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Clean Slate

My favorite part of New Years is starting a new calendar. It's like a clean slate - open to all the possibilites of things I will do throughout the next year. At the end of the year I can look back on it and remember the story of my life for the past 365 days. All written out neatly in blue ink. All the birthdays and anniversaries checked off, the list of books I read and movies I watched, the appointments kept and parties attended. The weddings and the funerals. The good and the bad. It's all there.

One would think I would have my resolutions in there - my list of things to do better - or at least differently - for the New Year. This year I'm not making resolutions. Because who are we kidding? I'm not going to keep them anyway. Things I should resolve to do? Cook better meals for my family and not eat out so much, save more money, read more books. Might happen. Might not. Either way, I'll be OK. Why put pressure on myself by making it an official resolution?

I do have some goals for 2007. I want to move out of this house. Hopefully soon. It will be an improvement to all areas of our lives. I want to go on the vacation we had to give up when Hubby broke his leg. We have that tentatively re-scheduled, but we will see. I want to become stronger in my faith and truly trust God enough to not worry about things. I guess those kinda sound like resolutions, but they're not exactly. Just things I want for myself and my family. Things to improve our lives and make us happy. We need happy. Because we've dealt with a lot of crap lately. I can prove it - it's all written in last year's calendar.


cjh said...

what a good post! i love the new calendar, too. here's to it being filled with more good than bad this year.

Bubba's Mom said...

You could try putting your menus on your calendar. I know what we had for dinner in 1995!

Bubba said...

I know what we had for dinner in 1995 too, Chicken by George.

Bubba's Sis said...

"If I eat another Chicken by George I'll die,
And puke up all of my insides...."

Cheryl said...

I don't know what Chicken by George is but I do like the idea of putting menus on the calendar. I've got a whole bunch of calendars with things like doctor's appointments for kids, vet appointments for pets (some of whom are no longer with me), and "dates" with friends. Nice to look back on. And here's to you manifesting your new home this year!