Sunday, November 26, 2006

Crazy things been goin' on lately......

First of all, I was driving down the freeway last week and came up on an odd van - larger than your standard van, with signs on the back - one a large VISA/MASTERCARD/AMERICAN EXPRESS sign. And another that said "CAUTION CHILDREN". Could it be? No! Yes. As I get up beside it I see that it is the ICE CREAM MAN! Since when does the Ice Cream Man take CREDIT CARDS?!? WTF??

And even tho it is not yet even December, the Christmas decorations are going up everywhere. Let me just say that I believe keeping it simple is the nicest way to go about decorating for the holidays. It shouldn't look like Christmas just threw up in your front yard. And I hate, hate, hate those giant inflatable things people put in their yards! And one more thing everyone should remember - Santa, Frosty, the Grinch, Rudolph - none of these were at the Nativity. Let's pick one theme and go with it, folks.

On Thanksgiving night we were driving home from my parents' house and happened to pass by a Circuit City. People were lined up outside the store, apparently camping out until the store opened on Friday morning! What on earth could anyone possibly need so badly that they would camp outside the Circuit City all night to get? Insane.

One of the radio stations I listen to has begun playing only Christmas songs until December 25. But they need some things pointed out to them. "Hard Candy Christmas" by Dolly Parton is NOT a Christmas song!!!!!!!! It is a song from The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas that the girls are singing as they leave the Chicken Ranch when it gets shut down! ONE LINE says "it's like a hard candy Christmas". How, I ask, does that make it a Christmas song? There's also a Dan Fogelberg song about running into his old lover in the grocery store on Christmas Eve....I don't think that exactly qualifies as a Christmas song either.

I know, I know - I'm sounding kinda Scroogy. I'm still having a hard time getting into the Holiday Spirit, but I'm getting there. This is the week I should be at Disney World celebrating the beginning of the Christmas Season with Mickey and Friends - seeing all the beautiful Christmas decorations and attending Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. But alas, we are here at home with Hubby's broken leg. I'm not bitter - and certainly don't blame him - but I am a little sad about it. And feeling slightly overwhelmed about decorating, entertaining, and most of all, shopping. And it's hard to feel Christmas-ey when it's nearly 80 degrees every day! I'll get there, tho. I'll get there.


katielady said...

Oh, Sis, I'm sorry you are not on your trip. But, I'm happy to have you back blogging again! I missed you!

I wonder if Bubba's Mom is giving us all the Christmas Crazies. Is it contagious?

wendy bird said...

I am sorry sweetie. I am sad to report I am feeling the same way.

I promised no Christmas stuff until December 1. That way I can ease into it. Also, I think I will do all of my shopping crazy malls this year.

I am sure Mickey is sad you aren't there too.

Bubba's Mom said...

Christmas Crazies are not contagious!