Sunday, September 03, 2006

Smell my breath! (by Naughty Little Boy Dog)

Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy! Guess what? While you were gone I found that great lip gloss again! You know? The chocolate mint one? I found it in The Girl's purse. She has all kinds of neat stuff in there, like a pack of Kleenex (do you know how much Kleenex they can get in those little packs??) and some pencils. But that lip gloss - yum yum! I offered some to Good Girl Dog, cuz' that seems like something girls would like, but she didn't care for any, so I ate it all up myself! Don't I smell good?!? Want me to kiss you?!? You've been gone so long - just give me a little kiss and smell my chocolatey, minty breath!

1 comment:

Navy Son said...

Now mom, do you talk to the dogs, how do you know what he was thinking, and when you talk to them do they talk back??? Like in Dr Dolittle? You could be a movie