Monday, August 31, 2009

Texas History

Part of living in the Great State of Texas is that our kids learn Texas History at school. They take it in 4th grade and again in 7th grade. I even took it again in college because it was so much more interesting to me than any other history course offered. I got an A.

I really love Texas history. I'm proud to be from such a great state, one that was once its own country and is rich in culture and heritage. Texas brings us the amazing stories of the Alamo, the Battle of San Jacinto, and Spindletop. We have great heroes like Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, and Stephen F. Austin. It's cool to be a Texan.

So this year Little Son is in 7th grade, and taking Texas History. He's in a magnet school for Gifted & Talented kids, and they go quite deep into the subjects they learn. He brought home a letter today from his Texas History class that goes something like this:

"Dear Parents,

This year we would like to offer your 7th graders an opportunity to enrich their study of Texas History with a field trip to Dallas and Fort Worth."

Let me stop right here a minute. We live in HOUSTON. That is over 200 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth. That's quite a field trip. When I was in 7th grade we went to the San Jacinto Monument. It's 20 minutes away.

"Students on this field trip will travel via coach bus to Dallas to experience the historic buildings and costumed interpreters of the Dallas Heritage Village, visit the Fort Worth stockyards, ride a steam train with the Grapevine Historic Railroad, visit the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, explore the assassination of President John F. Kennedy at the Sixth Floor Museum, and enjoy corn dogs, fried Oreos, and other Texas delicacies at the Texas State Fair."

The letter goes on to explain their itinerary, rules, fees, etc. I'm wondering where they're going to spend the night. Don't see that in the letter. Wait a minute. All this is going to happen in ONE DAY.

One day?!?! Seriously?!?

Now I know these educators are trained professionals, and experienced in taking children on field trips such as these. But I am having trouble wrapping my mind around them driving 200 miles to Dallas, doing all that stuff, and driving 200 miles back home in one day. Granted, it will be one VERY LONG day, but still. I just don't think it's gonna happen. They're gonna have to skip something. Hopefully not the corn dogs and fried Oreos.

Little Son, of course, really wants to go. No matter that we have family in Dallas, have been to Dallas dozens of times, have done some of that stuff already, and can do ALL that stuff on our own (and on our own time schedule!). He wants to go with his class. And I don't blame him.

So Hubby and I are talking about it. They're going to have to leave very early in the morning and get home very late at night. If Little Son is willing to get up that early to go, I know he must really want to do it. Altho I'm sure he's planning on sleeping on the bus.

Oh wait - here's something in the letter about what they'll do on the bus....

"In keeping with our studies of Texas History, we will watch the HBO series 'John Adams' based on the book by David McCullough."

Wait. What?!?!? Isn't that American History??

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hiatus Terminus

Where has the time gone? I have neglected my blog for a long time. Even considered just deleting it. Just couldn't seem to find the time for it. But then it nags at me - niggling at the back of my mind - I WANT to write again - I NEED a creative outlet - and so here I am. Back again.

So what have I been doing the past five months? Here's a brief summary:
  • I've grown my business, and am happy to report that it is going extremely well. Much better than I ever anticipated, actually!
  • I've enjoyed a summer of not having to drive kids around here and there - in fact, most of the time we had no routine at all, and that was nice. Now the kids are back in school and we have routine again, and that is nice.
  • I've learned to knit.
  • I've had the flu. Might have even been Swine Flu. Don't really know.
  • I've reconnected with old friends on Facebook, and gotten to know new friends better - in fact, many of you I met right here on my blog! I love you all, and I'm so glad we've gotten to know each other! I've met some of you "in real life" and hope to meet more of you in the future!
  • I've accepted the position of Treasurer of Daughter's High School Drama Booster Club, and gained confidence that I actually CAN do it and not screw it all up!
  • I've discovered how much my dogs love going to the dog park, and how much I love taking them.
  • I've watched Daughter learn to drive.
  • I've watched Little Son grow to be not-so-little anymore.
  • I've enjoyed a visit from Navy Son, and realized again how proud I am of him.
  • I've toobed down the Guadalupe River, bumping my butt on rocks at times because the river is so low right now due to the drought we've been having all summer.
  • I've enjoyed a weekend retreat with my BFF.
  • I've sent Navy Son off to his sophomore year at the Naval Academy, Daughter to her sophomore year of high school, and Little Son to 7th grade. I feel old.
  • I've celebrated as many of my friends have turned 40 - and prepared myself for that day in October that I will join them.

The summer is technically coming to an end next weekend (altho it will be summer weather here well into October). I've blogged before about how much I love this time of year - how it is so much like New Years to me. I'm looking forward to a new year of possibilities - to seeing Daughter's drama performances and Little Son's band performances, to going to high school football games and cheering for my alma mater (it's pretty cool to have your daughter go to the same high school you did!), to a fresh start in my Bible study group, to planning Disney trips for new clients, to counting the many blessings in my life each and every day.

I resolve in this "New Year" not to neglect my blog any longer. Even if no one reads it, it's a great way for me to get all those thoughts out of my head that bungle around in there so much. And believe me, there are a lot of them!

Stay tuned. I've got a lot to tell you about.