Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Summer ramblings

Well, everyone is back and things are settling down around here - we have even abandoned the Big Adventure, which was to sell our house and have a new one built in another neighborhood. But we love our house here - it's great! So why put ourselves thru the stress, ya know?

Summer has settled in and it is HOT. Almost too hot to go out during the day. I know people enjoy the pool and the beach and everything - I enjoy air conditioning, myself. But the kids love the pool, so we do go sometimes. They have some fun summer activities coming up, too, so no one's getting bored around here!

Daughter had a great time in NYC with Bubba and Aunt Katie - it was a trip full of "firsts" for her! Her first airplane ride, first time to NYC, first time to ride in a cab/subway/bus, first time to see and do a lot of things - first time to take a trip away from Mom and Dad! (I missed her terribly!) She's a more worldly girl now. Why, oh why, does she have to grow up??

We're already half-way thru June. We've even already had our first named storm of Hurricane Season (thanx for taking that one for us, Florida - glad you fared well). For the record: I will NOT be doing a repeat of last year's Rita evacuation (we like to call it the Runaway Scrape). I think I'd rather float on my roof than drive 19 hours to Dallas again, thankyouverymuch. I'm just sayin'. There has to be a better plan.

Enjoy your summer, everyone! So far so good for me!


katielady said...

So, no moving? Since when?

Bubba's Mom said...

We will NEVER do the Runaway Scrape again!!