Monday, May 08, 2006

Jesus - God or Man?

Yesterday was the third and final sermon in our church's series on The DaVinci Code. In a few days you can listen to it here. Our pastor explored the various questions of just who Jesus was by referencing the Gospel of Mark. Jesus was indeed a man - flesh and blood. He felt hunger and pain; He laughed and He cried; He bled. But throughout the Bible there is indisputable evidence that Jesus was, and is, indeed God the Son. His deity was not created by the church in the fourth century, as The DaVinci Code claims. I hope that anyone who reads the book or sees the movie, and has questions, will do some research - there are countless books and articles out there that clarify the fact and fiction of The DaVinci Code. And I pray that Christians will not be shaken in their faith, but will use this opportunity to speak with others about Christ. The Truth WILL set you free.

And enjoy the book and the movie - aside from all this controversy, it is a great story!

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